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Virtual Programs & Events

While the majority of our membership is working from home, we will be offering virtual programs and events. We hope this will bring a sense of connectivity and engagement, as well as continue to provide valuable resources to our members and beyond. Read on to discover what’s available to you!

Wednesday, April 8 – 12:30 pm

  • Combating Covid-19: Federal Aid Programs available to help your small business survive the pandemic
    • The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is on the front lines for the federal government’s economic response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The SBA now has new direct financial aid programs created out of the CARES Act (as well as existing initiatives) to help your small enterprise survive, while retaining your employees thru, the current crisis.
    • This Webinar is offered to help small business concerns understand the various assistance programs that are now available to enable them to navigate thru the Covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing economic consequences.
    • Virtually join us to learn about the current federal programs available to help your small business survive the adverse economic impacts from Covid-19.

Thursday, April 9 – 12:00 pm

  • Introducing Social Impact Projection: Analytics to quantify social impact potential for early-stage changemakers
    • Using a few simple data points about a company, our framework (SIP) draws from the highest standard of data and research to forecast the mechanics, dynamics, scale and value of its social impact potential. Our analytics arm founders with the metrics and management tools to optimize for both revenue and impact, collect primary impact data over time, and rigorously articulate the full potential of their innovation to partners, customers and investors.
    • Join us for a brief 30-minute introduction to the methodology & process involved, and the implications of SIP analytics for operations, communications & fundraising.

Monday, April 13 – 6:30 pm

Partner Events

Thursday, April 9 – 2:00 pm 

  • Corporate Venture Capital in an Uncertain Environment with Touchdown Ventures David Horowitz and Scott Lene
    • These are unprecedented times. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our lives, the economy, and our businesses will be significant. How do we manage through this uncertainty? What can we learn from past recessions? Are there best practices and playbooks that increase our odds of success?
    • In this talk, David and Scott will leverage their experiences having been through through multiple market cycles to discuss:
      • The current state and predictions of economic impact on corporate venture capital
      • Implications for existing corporate venture capital funds
      • Implications for new corporate venture capital funds

Thursday, April 9 – 4:00 pm

Tuesday, April 14 – 6:00 pm 

  • General Assembly Presents: Intro to UX Design 
    • Step into the world of user experience design with General Assembly. During our introductory workshop, explore the decision-making process that dictates how users interact with digital products and see why businesses of all stripes have put out the call for UX talent. Plus:
      • Learn what the world of UX design encompasses and why it matters.
      • Touch on fundamental tools and techniques used by professional designers.
      • Learn how to create a clickable prototype using InVision.
      • Discover resources to continue learning about UX.