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Virtual Programs & Events

While the majority of our membership is working from home, we will be offering virtual programs and events. We hope this will bring a sense of connectivity and engagement, as well as continue to provide valuable resources to our members and beyond.

This page contains the following:

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  2. 1776 Virtual Programs
  3. Partner Programs
  4. COVID-19 & Resources

1776 Virtual Programs 

Thursday, July 9 – 12:30 pm 

  • How to Master the Skill of Spies and Journalists to Better Your Business – 1776 Member Only Event
    • Journalist-turned-corporate investigator Jen Hoar has developed training to teach professionals in consulting, sales, law and intelligence how to identify and access knowledgeable people – whether they are prospective clients, users, competitors or subject matter experts – and harness valuable information and insight from purposeful conversations with them.
    • The skills and techniques you learn in this training course will help you to advance knowledge of your customers and users, the problem your business aims to solve, and your competition and position in the marketplace. The training includes a presentation, and robust Q&A, covering:
      • How to conduct cold calls and emails effectively
      • How to harness the results of online, open source research to identify new contacts for outreach
      • The art and science of initiating, leading and sustaining a good interview, aka conversation: asking digestible and meaningful questions to elicit responsive, relevant and unique insight to apply to subsequent interactions and transactions
      • How to engage in proactive listening to ask better questions and learn as much as possible from your interlocutors
      • How to navigate conversational ambiguity, roadblocks, silence and pauses

Wednesday, July 15 – 12:30 pm

  • I’m Lost! How Do I Figure Out Valuation, Dilution, and Investor Return?
    • Virtually everyone – startup founders, investors, and advisors alike are all confused by these critical factors. In this session, we will examine several MS Excel based pre-populated worksheet tools to calculate potential valuations/dilution impact and investor return expectations modeling. These simple-to-use “put in your numbers” tools can be used to analyze any investment opportunity in any industry and will allow you to create your own “what if” scenarios. Put on your numbers hat and come join us!

Thursday, July 16 – 12:30 pm

  • 1776 Revolutionary Panel: Startups who have pivoted during Covid-19
    • Join us for a discussion with Startups who have had to pivot during the coronavirus and their journey over the last few months.
    • During these difficult times, we’ve seen resilience from our Startup Ecosystem. Our conversation will focus on the revolutionary ideas that have sprouted during the pandemic.
    • The panel discussion, we will focus on the topics below:
      • Lessons learned during the pandemic
      • Changes within team dynamics and remote working opportunities
      • How to pivot your business

Partner Events

Wednesday, July 1 – 1:00 pm

  • JLabs Presents: Advancing Pediatric Research in the COVID-19 Era
    • As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, reports on the unique experience of COVID-19 in children are starting to emerge. Most recently, a rare, but serious condition has been recognized called Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), a complication of Covid-19 infection.
    • While children were initially thought to be largely spared from Covid-19 most serious effects, new studies highlight the critical need for pediatric research – from treatments to vaccines. Please join Sally Allain, Head of JLABS @ Washington, DC, with Dr. David Wessel, Chief Medical Officer at Children’s National Hospital, Dr. Roberta L. DeBiasi, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Children’s National Hospital and Dr. Samuel Maldonado, Head of Pediatric Drug Development and Vice President, Child Health Innovation Leadership Department at Johnson & Johnson. The conversation will focus on the latest Covid-19 pediatric science – and what incentives might speed answers for children, their families and communities through this pandemic and beyond.

Tuesday, July 7 – 2:30 pm

  • New America Presents: How Advertising Algorithms Drive the Internet’s Favorite Business Model
    • Internet platforms are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools to shape the content we see and engage with online. In particular, platforms use algorithmic tools to facilitate the targeting and delivery of digital advertisements for everything from shoes to housing to employment opportunities. However, there is a significant lack of transparency around these algorithmic decision-making processes. This raises serious questions regarding how these algorithmic tools can impact user expression and promote biased and discriminatory outcomes, how platforms safeguard user rights, how these companies can be held accountable for their practices, and how policymakers can address these challenges.
    • Join New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) for the first virtual panel in a two-part series focused on promoting greater fairness, accountability, and transparency around the use of algorithmic decision-making.

Wednesday, July 8 – 12:00 pm

  • New America Presents: How You Say It Matters
    • Predictive analytics has taken higher education by storm, with its promise of closing equity gaps, raising student retention rates, and increasing tuition revenue by keeping students enrolled. But clean data and algorithms alone cannot create change; action is necessary. Communicating the findings of these predictive systems to students is a vital step in successfully using predictive analytics and doing so equitably is of utmost importance.
    • Please join New America’s Higher Education Initiative as Alejandra Acosta presents a new report, “How You Say It Matters: Communicating Predictive Analytics Findings to Students,” followed by a panel of experts who have successfully implemented predictive analytics at their campus. The panel will discuss institutional challenges and solutions with communicating analytics findings and messaging strategies, including for diverse populations.

Covid 19 & Resources

While the 1776 community is dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 health and economic related crisis, we are gathering resources to support your business survive and thrive.

Due to the current environment, information is changing at a rapid rate. While we do our best to provide timely updates, it is possible that the information shared below may change or be revised.

Read on to discover what’s available to you!

State Resources

If you have additional resources to share with us for our community, please email