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San Diego, CA

Innovation That Matters 2017

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San Diego Remains Strong, With Growth in Capital and Connectivity

San Diego rose in the rankings one spot to 4th place. The city saw overall growth in access to capital (+1) and connectivity (+5), but hasn’t seen that growth reflected in the city’s access to talent (-5) or industry specialization (-1).

San Diego shares many of the quality-of-life benefits of its rival to the north, the Bay Area, but without the high costs of living. This strength and vocal support from civic institutions will enable San Diego to compete with established innovation hubs.

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Civic Engagement Key for San Diego’s Growth

San Diego’s rise this year is testament to the dedication of civic leadership in expanding the city’s startup ecosystem. The mayor’s office in San Diego has publicly and consistently prioritized support for startup growth. The city has put a system in place where leaders consistently review the effectiveness of their innovation efforts, which improves their chances of long-term startup growth.

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