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Dallas, TX

Innovation That Matters 2017

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Dallas Depends on District Integration

Dallas’s ability to create a more incorporated community helped it move up 12 rankings since 2016 to 7th overall. Local citizens commend the city’s established corporations’ increasing support for startups. “The bottom line is big business is already here, and additional businesses—startup businesses—will begin to look at Dallas as a more realistic option when they perceive Dallas to be what it actually already is, which is innovative," said Trey Bowles, co-founder of Dallas Innovation Alliance and CEO of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

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Dallas Leads in Startup Culture

Dallas has the best startup culture in the United States according to entrepreneurs surveyed, with few barriers to entry and a mindset that attracts new, innovative businesses. Dallas saw gains in openness to new ideas, quality of life and regulatory environment this year, pulling it ahead of last year’s leader in culture, Raleigh-Durham.

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