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Boston, MA

Innovation That Matters 2017

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Access to Capital and Top Tech Talent Help Boston Maintain Top Spot

Boston edges out the Bay Area for the second year in a row to maintain its top ranking. Much of its success is due to the city’s constant flow of both economic and human capital. Boston’s ability to retain graduates of its top universities and colleges has formed “a good pipeline of human capital,” as one Boston entrepreneur reports, and has led to a rise in its ranking for talent retention.

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Boston’s Universities and Research Centers Serve as Immigration Hubs

Boston is the most diverse it has ever been, and it’s starting at the university level. “This year, Boston University welcomed its most ethnically diverse freshman class yet,” said Boston University’s spokesperson Colin Riley. Although the city has lost residents through domestic migration, the population has grown through international immigration according to Benjamin Bolender, chief of the Population Estimates Branch of the U.S. Census Bureau.

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