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Jasvir Zonobi

CEO , Kuveda

Jasvir Zonobi is the CEO of Kuveda, and is a leader with more than a two decade of broad experience in leadership,  information technology, big data, and customer management.  She and her team contributed to the Cancer Genomics Hub project by NCI by providing engineering and big data analytics services.

At Advaiya, she served as Director of Silicon Valley operations as well as VP of engineering, and at VMware, she managed the VMware global strategic partnerships, and Staff architect at eBay. She also led teams working with Google and Microsoft.  She is proud to have worked on the Hubble Space Telescope!

She focused past several years understanding the genomics space and applying big data analytics to help improve healthcare.  She believes that major healthcare transformations are possible through personalized medicine and has devoted much of her life on this initiative, now called Kuveda.