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Jamal Simmons

Cofounder , CRVIII

Jamal Simmons has spent two decades at the nexus between politics and media and now technology. He helped elect Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to the presidency and has advised the White House,members of Congress, the Cabinet and corporate, foundation and faith leaders on communications issues. Jamal was the lead interviewer for The Root 100 miniseries (2013) on Magic Johnson’s Aspire TV network; a political analyst for CBS News in 2010; and a fixture on CNN during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Currently, in addition to appearing on MSNBC and advising clients, he is a cofounder of CRVIII (pronounced “crate”), a digital platform that connects Millennial innovators, entrepreneurs, coders, gamers and designers. Jamal is an honorary board member of the Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation and holds degrees from Morehouse College and Harvard University.