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Abigail Seldin

Founder of College Abacus, Vice President of Innovation & Product Management ,ECMC Group

Abigail Seldin is Vice President of Innovation & Product Management  at ECMC Group, a nonprofit corporation with a mission to help students succeed that oversees the country’s largest nonprofit career school system, Zenith Education Group. Seldin currently directs ECMC Group’s growing Washington, D.C.-based Innovation Lab, an incubator developing next-generation solutions that empower students to succeed in all types of higher education.

In this role, Seldin also heads up College Abacus, a groundbreaking nonprofit technology that she co-founded in 2012 and calls the “ of college cost comparison.” Seldin was recently named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 for Education for her creation of College Abacus, and served as its CEO until the company was acquired by ECMC Group in 2014. Hailed as one of CNNMoney’s “Best New Money Ideas” of 2014, College Abacus allows students and families to comparison shop for affordable college options by generating personalized financial aid estimates.

Seldin was invited to present College Abacus at the White House Education Datapalooza in 2014 and led the company’s successful bid to win two Gates Foundation-funded grants through the “College Knowledge Challenge.”

A Rhodes Scholar, Seldin pursued doctoral research in social anthropology at Oxford, focusing on community formation in the United States. Prior to Oxford, Seldin graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania with both her MS and BA in anthropology (simultaneous award) in May 2009. Seldin’s background includes consulting for a Y-Combinator startup, a year working in Hong Kong as a Henry Luce Scholar, and co-curating an internationally recognized exhibition with the chief of an unrecognized Native American tribe.