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Aaron Butler

Director of Culinary

Chef Aaron Butler is a prime example of a career professional who decided that life is too short not to follow one’s interests, completely changing direction and pursuing a career in the culinary world. After receiving an economics degree from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, Aaron worked in the Financial Services industry for the better part of the next 13 years before enrolling in the Culinary Arts program at L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD.

After completing stages at Bibiana Osteria in Washington, DC and McCrady’s in Charleston, South Carolina, Aaron settled in to The Red Hen in Washington, DC to learn under Chef Michael Friedman. It was there that his culinary education truly began, learning that as in life, the key to great food is balance. Aaron is friendly and open, as willing to share his culinary knowledge as he is to learn from others, be they professional chefs or avid home cooks.

Having had the privilege and opportunity to transition from finance to food, he is always eager to talk shop and to share his personal experience and insights into both the challenges & great joys of finding the path to satisfaction in one’s career and in life. Aaron believes strongly in the 1776 mission of innovation and progress and is excited to draw inspiration from the creativity, passion and knowledge that power the 1776 engine.