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1776 Philadelphia

In October of 2017, Benjamin’s Desk, Philadelphia’s premier coworking space, merged with 1776 to form the nation’s largest network of incubators that cultivates and empowers startup ecosystems. Our campuses in the Greater Philadelphia Region span from Center City, The Pennovation Center at University of Pennsylvania, Ambler Yards and Wilmington. Welcome to the one of the most hyper connected ecosystems in the Northeast Corridor!

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By becoming a startup member of 1776, you gain access to our extensive network of connections and resources—from expert mentors and investors to classes and events—regardless of your location. Learn more about our membership plans below.


Washington Square


The Pennovation Center

Ambler Yards

Meet our founders

1776 was founded in February 2013 by serial entrepreneurs Donna Harris and Evan Burfield with the vision of building an inclusive incubator for startups disrupting entrenched industries.  Over the course of the next four years, 1776 grew into a global enterprise with two campuses in the Greater Washington, DC area, Brooklyn, and Dubai, with over 800 startups under incubation and over 1000 mentors engaged on its platform UNION.  In 2017, Benjamin’s Desk, a Philadelphia based co-working company, merged with 1776 to create the largest entrepreneurial ecosystem for startups in the Northeast Corridor.  1776’s proprietary software platform, UNION was spun out as a separate company.

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