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Network Membership

A 1776 Network Membership brings you all the benefits of our communities from anywhere in the world! With a wide range of growth and engagement benefits, the Network Membership brings the Revolution to you. For just $99/month you get:

  • Access to our community portal, Union
  • Free office hours with our curated suite of mentors
  • Attendance to our regular cadence of members-only programming
  • Direct introductions to capital contacts, industry experts and service providers
  • Connectivity to a large, diverse network of fellow entrepreneurs
  • And other perks, such as discounts to business growth services and platforms

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Members Only Programming

While 1776 does offer public programming, we reserve many of our top tier programs for our community of members, and focus the content on the needs of that community. Whether it’s about fundraising, hiring or customer acquisition, you’ll always find something to help you learn and grow.

Virtual Programs & Events

Mentor Office Hours

Through our community portal, you have free access to our suite of industry expert mentors. Tagged and categorized by area of expertise and interest, you can find just the right person with whom to connect and gather invaluable information for your entrepreneurial journey.

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Introductions and Connectivity

We pride ourselves in having a deep and wide ecosystem of capital contacts, industry experts and service providers to whom we are always willing to make direct introductions for our members. Whether you’re seeking advice, raising a round or planning your operational expansion, we work with you to grow your network of connections. Click below to schedule an informative call with our staff!

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Meet our founders

1776 was founded in February 2013 by serial entrepreneurs Donna Harris and Evan Burfield with the vision of building an inclusive incubator for startups disrupting entrenched industries.  Over the course of the next four years, 1776 grew into a global enterprise with two campuses in the Greater Washington, DC area, Brooklyn, and Dubai, with over 800 startups under incubation and over 1000 mentors engaged on its platform UNION.  In 2017, Benjamin’s Desk, a Philadelphia based co-working company, merged with 1776 to create the largest entrepreneurial ecosystem for startups in the Northeast Corridor.  1776’s proprietary software platform, UNION was spun out as a separate company.

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