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Startup membership with 1776 will bring you the curriculum, connections, and feedback that you need to scale your business. Apply today to join our global network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts.

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How 1776 Works

1776 startup membership is powered by UNION, our digital network and platform. UNION drives innovation by connecting thousands of startups, business mentors, experts, and investors from ecosystems across five different continents.

Curriculum and Training

UNION offers 40+ courses curated by industry experts. Members enjoy unlimited access to these resources on UNION, and can learn anything from skills like “Data Analytics”, to behaviors like “Raising Your First $200,000”, and even industry specific knowledge like “Understanding the 2015 ‘Every Student Succeeds’ Act”.

Community and Connections

UNION also offers a competitive advantage to early stage startups in the form of its global network. When plugged into UNION, 1776 members immediately gain access to a cross-industry rolodex of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, and even investors from all over the world.

Real-time Feedback

Every feature in UNION is purposefully designed to help startups refine their business model. Each office hour, event, and course shows founders how successful startups in their space are operating – and how they should adapt their business model accordingly to scale.

Meet our startup members here.

“As we look back, you’re not going to be able to tell the RideScout story without an entire chapter devoted to 1776.”

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“We’re bringing a solution to a very large problem. We’re a piece of the solution…We’re helping to pioneer technology around urban U.S. poverty.”

Read more about Handup

“By being exposed to all these ideas, we bring the ones we think could have really high value into MedStar to pilot them.”

Read more about MedStar Health

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By becoming a startup member of 1776, you gain access to our extensive network of connections and resources—from expert mentors and investors to classes and events—regardless of your location. Learn more about our membership plans below.

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