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Women in Tech and Business: An Inspiration to Women Globally

March is a month dedicated to celebrating women. This includes women’s rights, the power behind what it means to be a woman, and breaking the glass ceiling. With that being said, what does Women’s History Month mean in 2021? 

In business and technology- two sectors that are continually growing, being a woman means taking over a predominantly male industry, making an impact, switching things up, and inspiring girls and fellow women across the globe.

Women Making an Impact in 2021

We have only been in 2021 for just over two months now, but it’s already been a big year for women. Women were only granted the right to vote in the US in 1920. Before that, women had no voice in who shaped America’s laws or ran the government. In January, Kamala Harris became the United States’ first female vice president, redefining what it means to be a female leader. 

Last month, 31-year-old Bumble CEO and founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, became the world’s youngest self-made woman billionaire. She created the dating app Bumble after quitting her position at Tinder, another well-known dating app. She wanted to give women a sense of empowerment where women have to make the outreach first in order to start a conversation with matches. In addition to being the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, she is also the youngest female CEO ever to take a company public in the U.S. 

How to Become a Powerful Leader

  1. Find a good mentor – In order to continue celebrating women in tech and business industries, it’s essential to continue building each other up. We can grow both professionally and personally by working together and passing down knowledge as successful women in the industry to build our future together. When you become successful, become a mentor to help other women find their way in the industry and make a seat at the table of success for all women. Or, if you’re trying to find your way in the industry on your way to success, seek out a mentor that will help you, challenge you, and allow you to establish yourself by providing you with helpful tools as you grow. 


  1. Be true to yourself – For women in tech and business industries (and any industry in between) it is so important to stay true to yourself and your values. Understand and know what you bring to the table and don’t stop being your authentic self just to please others in the industry. Tech and business are typically very demanding industries…speak up and know the power of your own voice and understand that you have a say. Understand your power and go forward with confidence. 


  1. Find balance – As a woman, we used to be expected to choose if we wanted a partner and children or if we want to be successful in our industry. The fact is- you can have both- all it boils down to is finding a balance and stay true to yourself in the process. Being a successful woman in your industry does not make you selfish, a bad partner, or a bad mother… it makes you a powerhouse. You can have whatever you want- whether that is a family or not, and your only restriction is yourself. Break the stereotypes, don’t listen to ignorant remarks from outsiders, and keep climbing the ladder of success…whatever success looks like to you. Success is different for all of us and you don’t have to fit any type of mold. Free yourself of expectations of others and show up as the best, most balanced version of yourself. 

The Future is Female 

It’s 2021. We have a female vice president, we sent women to the moon years ago, and this year found its first youngest CEO woman billionaire. The opportunities for women are endless. We must continue to break the stereotypes and start a new path for gender equality. Where you come from is not where you are going-our historical background as women does not define the future path for us. The road to female empowerment in the workplace hasn’t been easy- and women still face hardships when it comes to stereotypes, gender bias, and discrimination. We must not allow these obstacles to hold us back from pursuing careers in predominantly male industries, we need these obstacles to inspire us to keep fighting. 

We look forward to seeing you at the top. In the meantime, keep fighting for your place at the head of the table, continue pushing the boundaries of previous expectations, support one another, and remember your voice is inspiring the future generation of little girls to dream big and know no boundaries.