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Winner Spotlight: 3Restart Bringing Predictive Analytics to Math Education

3Restart wants to change the way we approach learning. Through games, the software makes learning fun and engaging for kids. Through analytics, the software increases retention rate by predicting what content they need to review.

Before the Islamabad ChallengeX winner moves on to compete at 1776’s second annual Challenge Festival next month, we talked to founder Mustafa Saeed about his startup. 

What exactly does 3Restart do, and what problems is it solving?

3Restart is a predictive- and adaptive-learning solutions company that focuses on improving learning methodologies by incorporating technology, design and natural human experiences.

Our software is designed to successfully predict what a student is most likely to forget at a specific time and works mainly on enhancing knowledge retention amongst kids. It is scientifically proven that there are learning and forgetting patterns of knowledge that can be measured. Our intelligent software can predict what knowledge needs to be reviewed now in order to efficiently balance the knowledge group that is most required to be learned. Our first product focuses on math.

3Restart is a solution for both students and teachers, where the front-end incorporates game dynamics to make the learning content interesting, engaging and easy to use. The back-end is a predictive platform that can measure and generate analytics to measure learning patterns and an improved learning experience. Our aim is to make learning interesting, engaging and mentally stimulating while keeping the user experience as natural as possible.

Tell me a little bit about your background and what made you want to create 3Restart.

I have a computing background, and games had been my focus for a long time. Before starting with 3Restart, I had my share of mistakes and failures. Initially, I started with my first company, which aimed at making the classroom environment interactive and intelligent by recognizing hand-drawn sketches and animating the environment according to the specific concept. It eventually failed due to obvious inexperience in understanding and running a business and a product that was too complex to grasp.

When 3Restart was being thought out, I became a part of Invest2Innovate, which accelerates early stage entrepreneurs in developing markets in Pakistan. That helped me connect with the right mentors to help place the right puzzle elements. Learning from my past mistakes, combined with the mentorship and the network by the accelerator, gave 3Restart the perfect start.

3Restart’s foundation was laid when I started teaching math to 7 year-old Hadi during my junior year of undergrad. It seemed like an easy job to begin with, but the experience changed my perspective of learning and education. Keeping the child engaged and focused was an effort in itself.

We as students have always experience that the existing curriculum presentations are highly unattractive and lackluster, especially for young children. I had to innovate and come up with games to induce interest and get results from the kid. I would notice remarkable changes in feedback in terms of learning and understanding of concepts.

During this time I actually developed a lot of interest in how games and how certain dynamics can actually influence behaviors in learning. Awards in the form of badges triggered a sense of competition and achievement in Hadi, and as a result, better output.

So I could see a positive change, and it seemed to work fine. Hence, I could see it has value if the right ingredients are put together—not just in Pakistan, but across the globe.

What sets 3Restart apart from its competitors?

The game-based learning market is huge. In Pakistan, we don’t have much substantial competition, so we are looking at a global market, which has big names like Toca Boca, Originator, Disney and PBS. What makes us different is that all these games focus on what a child learns—we focus on what a child is most likely to “forget,” hence providing the intelligence to review what is required the most, rather than random repetition. At the same time, real-time feedback in terms of progress and useful patterns are provided to aid teachers and parents.

The product acts as a Learning Positioning System (LPS) to put learning priorities on track while keeping the content engaging and fun, yet as natural as possible.

The example we give is Apple. The iPhone was not the only touch screen phone in the market, but what differentiated it from the rest was one simple thing: the use of fingers as touch media and gestures that are second nature to every person on the planet. We incorporate such differentiating experiences.

How many team members do you have, and what roles do they play?

We are a team of four people. We have a combination of design, technology and business development skills to deliver the 3Restart vision, which is to make educational technology simple, fun and measurable.

The design and development team is closely connected to our education and pedagogy advisors. The business development section maintains the business requirements of the organization. All three elements gel together striving to succeed in the goals we have set for 3Restart.

Tell me about your experience at ChallengeX and what you’re hoping to get out of Challenge Festival next month.

ChallengeX was a challenge for 3Restart in its true sense. We were competing against experienced teams that we learned a lot from. The art of pitching and the importance of the first 30 seconds to get your message across was especially interesting.

From the Challenge Festival, apart from winning, we hope to look for synergies and partnerships. We are also looking for potential members for our advisory board and elements that could lead to the success of 3Restart.

What’s next for 3Restart, and what is the ultimate dream for your company?

3restart’s goal is to make our product the core for school-based, self-paced and home schooling needs that can provide useful critical information to teachers and parents and provide a simple and fun learning experience for students.

The ultimate goal is to influence behavior in learning, to the full potential that can be achieved where useful information is readily available to maintain the loop of experience, enjoyment and correction. The ultimate dream is to make 3Restart a measure of excellence in learning and education.

We have been testing features with different sections of the society and diverse demographics to better implement experiences that are natural and simple for children.

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