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Weekly Trend: Startups Using Curation to Transform Education

Many educators and media experts who cover the education industry believe curation will radically improve the outcomes of our education system. Robin Good of MasterNewMedia predicted that, “The adoption of curation approaches will directly affect how students learn about a subject and the value that can be generated through a personal learning path.”

Curation holds promising business opportunities for startups that want to make an important and lasting impact on our society. Here are four education curation ideas and examples of startups utilizing them to do well, while also doing good:

Create an effective classroom of one

Every child learns in a slightly different way and at a slightly different speed. It’s difficult for teachers to provide individualized lesson plans, especially with increasing class sizes and the increasing variance in developmental rates and preparedness levels. With curation, educators can pull together information and resources from a wide variety of channels to provide customized lesson plans and learning goals for individual students in a way that’s quick, easy, and cost effective. 1776 member ZooBean applies this philosophy to reading by providing personalized book suggestions tailored to each child’s needs, interests, and abilities.

Expand resources and opportunities for learning despite shrinking budgets

Like most organizations, schools are being asked to do more with less. Free open source curation platforms such as Coursera and Khan Academy offer students expanded opportunities for high quality learning even while budgets diminish.

Stay current and include up-to-the-minute information in all curricula

The rapid pace of change in today’s world offers tremendous learning opportunities for students to practically apply theories they learn in class to the world around them. A curation platform that dynamically embeds the latest breaking news events into the context of a traditional curriculum would provide teachers and students with a huge advantage to create relevance in the classroom. AppTalia is one example of a startup that’s focused on helping students discover and apply real world information to the subjects they study in school through multilingual mobile apps.

Inspiring the next generation, especially the disadvantaged

The stresses of college, particularly financial burdens, can discourage students. This is particularly true for those who come from lower socioeconomic levels and fund their educations through financial aid. Support and encouragement delivered at just the right moment can provide a much-needed source of comfort and restore determination for students. Encouragement and support can be the difference between a student who gives up and a student who keeps going. 1776 member CollegeSnapps uses this idea to monitor student progress and connect students in need of advice and support with just-in-time assistance from qualified college counselors and advisors.

Collaboration, personalization and sharing are at the heart of all curation. In education, curation has the potential to create the most sophisticated and effective system for learning we’ve ever had. Startups have an unprecedented opportunity to be a vital part of education’s transformation that will shape many generations of future leaders.

Christa Avampato

Christa Avampato is a writer, product developer and professional marketer. She founded the creative consulting practice Chasing Down the Muse. Her clients include Sesame Workshop, PBS, The New York Public…