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Startup Spotlight: Capital Health Coach’s Molly McCarthy Helps You Invest in Your Health

Jasmin Lee



Approximately 75 percent of all health care costs are spent on preventable diseases such as obesity and diabetes. 

Capital Health Coach helps you prevent diseases by assisting with changing your lifestyle. The company invests in helping clients succeed in their lives, bridging the gap between health recommendations and clients’ ability to implement those changes into their lives.

We caught up with Molly McCarthy, founder of Capital Health Coach, to talk about how she stepped into the startup world after working in healthcare for over 20 years.

So tell me—what is Capital Health Coach?

We provide health and wellness coaching around nutrition, fitness, personal and professional development through telephone calls with one of our wellness coaches across the United States.

What personal experiences led you to start Capital Health Coach?

I started my career as a nurse at Georgetown and soon returned to pursue an MBA, and I have been in healthcare for more than 20 years, mostly corporate.  In addition, I am a sports enthusiast, avid triathlete and former college soccer player.

A couple of years ago, I spent time contemplating where I want to be in 5 to 10 years and what drives me.  My goal was to build/create something that reflect my passions—healthcare, fitness, and wellness.

So tell me about the collaboration with Fanaticall on the launch of the “Health Coach Expert Calling Network”?

We recently launched a network connecting individuals with high quality health and wellness coaches via paid telephone calls. We wanted to strategically partner up with Fanaticall, a software service that enables an individual or organization to create a white label Expert Calling Network, to explore opportunities in additional product offerings in the market. This allowed us to get to market quickly with our first service offering. The Health Coach ECN includes handpicked experts, many graduates of Duke’s program, that coach on a range of issues such as sleep, stress, weight loss, and chronic health issues.

Who benefits from Health Coach ECN?

Anyone who is looking to improve his or her wellness or hoping to achieve a healthy lifestyle! Because we focus on goal setting, we want to hold our clients accountable for implementing goals and measure their goals along the way. We believe that we are really first of a kind in our marketplace; we hope to target new clients by building awareness on what our platform is all about. We hope to reach our target groups through social media campaigns, as well as marketing to health professionals.

What piece of advice do you have for other healthcare startups?

I think the healthcare market, as well as the fitness market, is rapidly evolving with an increase technology use.  It is obviously important to pay attention to where the market is right now, but more importantly see what the needs/demands are, and what people will pay for.  Healthcare is in the midst of a huge transition—moving from a disease-focused system to health and wellness.  So pay attention to those changes and seek opportunities to innovate and think outside the box! And tenacity helps, too.

What brought you to 1776?

I wanted to be a part of a supportive network with like-minded individuals willing to take risks and approach problems/opportunities in new ways. As an entrepreneur looking to make changes in the health care industry, I wanted to join a network to grow both personally and professionally. I think 1776 is well positioned and well regarded and can assist us in our journey.

Jasmin Lee