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Member Spotlight: Downloading Level Therapy’s Mental Health App

Sophie Chen

Editorial/Marketing Intern, 1776

Mental health is a $32 billion industry in the United States alone.

One in five adults (40 million adults total) live with mental illnesses, yet only about 44 percent of them are receiving help. Dan Miller, the cofounder and CEO of health startup Level Therapy, invented a solution to reach the remaining 56 percent of Americans.

As CEO of his first company, Miller was figuring a lot of things out and the stressful environment bred anxiety, but he was unable to find a solution that was flexible, accepted insurance and didn’t require him to purchase a bundle of sessions up front. With a background in product development and tech, Miller wanted to build a solution that benefitted both therapists and users.

So, Miller started Level Therapy with cofounder Coley Williams to make therapy flexible enough to meet anyone’s consultation needs from home, work or vacation. The official Level Therapy app launched in September 2016 for iOS.

In Miller’s experience, one of the hardest parts of seeking help was narrowing down the list of clinicians. First-timers rarely know what to look for, and they often get overwhelmed and quit.

Level Therapy’s app does all the searching and matching for both users and therapists and connects the two parties to create meaningful experiences.

Clinician Accountability

After creating an account, users first connect with a Level Therapy intake specialist who gains a better understanding of what the user is experiencing as well as any preferences for the type of therapist. From there, Level Therapy matches users with a few clinicians that best fit their needs and requests.

Specialized matching is crucial as a positive initial experience increases the likelihood of follow-up sessions.

All of Level Therapy’s therapists are licensed and verified through a state-run government-controlled database. Once verified, Miller and his team gauge why the clinicians are interested in joining and what type of clients they typically treat.

Then, Level Therapy’s clinical director determines if the clinician is a good fit for Level Therapy by asking questions to ensure each clinician has the sole purpose of helping users achieve their highest potential.

Current Tools in the Market

Mobile trends allow Level Therapy to create amazing tools around automating different processes. The startup uses tools to decrease the amount of time an intake specialist spends engaging with therapists and users by at least 20 percent. A series of automated questions allow intake specialist to step in and address concerns more in depth, more efficiently reaching users.

Level Therapy also uses tools to alert clinicians when any of its patients are deviating from their treatment plans. Certain tools that allow Level Therapy to actively collect data to ensure patients are on track when not meeting with a clinician.

If Level Therapy notices that a user has been in one location for more than 16-20 hours a day, which is the clinical definition of isolation, the app can then send a notification to alert the therapist.

Once the clinician has been notified that the user has been deviating from a treatment plan, Level Therapy suggests that the clinician or a crisis service partner check in.

Partnerships and the Future

Level Therapy partners with companies to be a part of benefit packages. Insurance is accepted as services are 100 percent billable. If a user is not an employee of one of Level Therapy’s insurance partners, the app accepts flex money accounts as well.

Miller wants to ensure that anyone who seeks help, receives help.

Miller believes consumer power lies with the employers and is going directly to employers to make sure Level Therapy can provide an amazing and valuable service.

Level Therapy’s first partnership is actually with an education company — Teach for America. Level Therapy exclusively provides one-on-one sessions for TFA corps members to ensure all of them receive help if needed. Miller hopes to build more partnerships with other employers to best reach more users and continue making therapy more accessible.

Looking forward, Level Therapy is working to be in 25 states and two mobile platforms — IOS and android — by the end of the year.

Miller hopes to expand the resources section of the app, which includes content focused on mindfulness tools such as yoga (Miller’s personal favorite method to realign mentally and physically).

Level Therapy aims to become the largest mental health service in America, and Miller believes that offering amazing experiences for individual users and employers will help everyone realize their highest potential.

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Sophie Chen

Editorial/Marketing Intern, 1776

Sophie is a senior studying Marketing at American University. As an intern in the marketing team at 1776, Sophie assists with Insights content, website administration, and market research. At American, she…