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Member Spotlight: Locus Social’s Shaofeng Yang Helps You Reshape Your Social Behavior

Jasmin Lee

Locus Social CEO Shaofeng Yang

Social media is overwhelming. It has become a huge chore for most of us—there is just too much data flowing over the internet. Locus Social takes a new approach. The company brings in a real-time map engine that processes up to 20 million tweets on 2 trillion tiles every day. This social-media visualizer changes the way users search and engages with trends based on geographic location.

We caught up with Shaofeng Yang, CEO and cofounder of Locus Social, to talk about his journey in the startup world.

What is Locus Social?

We are a leading-edge, mobile technology platform that provides real-time social intelligence for location-based social media interactions.

So tell me more about Zoom Social?

Zoom Social, our first product, is world’s fastest real-time, location-based big data processing engine. Zoom Social displays Twitter-generated trends on a live map view, which allows users to search for the most popular photos and trending conversations based on a specific geographic location. You can share your tweets or communicate with other users based on popular hashtags and mentions specific to any geographic location.

What led you to launch Zoom Social?

We realized that the sheer amount of information generated by Twitter and other social media is very overwhelming for most people. We wanted to provide a solution. Zoom Social’s intuitive map helps our users digest and engage with conversations and information that actually matters to them.

What is on the horizon for Zoom Social?

Although we are currently integrated with Twitter, we plan to expand our service to reach other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We also plan to target Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo (Chinese equivalent to Twitter) and WeChat. Really, the goal is to process all location-based data and present it in an insightful and a beneficial way!

What piece of advice do you have for other startups in the beginning stage?

Find the right team and a solid group of supporters!

Jasmin Lee