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Meet the Sydney Challenge Cup Competitors

Ready to meet the startups competing in the Sydney, Australia Challenge Cup competition? Check out who’s coming, and read about how they’re disrupting the education, health, energy and cities sectors.

We hope to see you there; let the pitches begin!


Chatty Kidz – Chatty Kidz is a peer-to-peer reading platform designed to make it easy for anyone to teach a child to read. The platform provides cost-effective, instant access to books, and assessment, reporting and tutoring services.

Class Cover – platform connects schools directly with their preferred available relief teachers and then books them in seconds.

Composeright – Composeright’s cloud-based app, ComWriter, is a comprehensive writing platform for academics and students that enables efficient and productive researching, writing and publishing.

Milaana – Milaana connects university students with project-based internships and opportunities from local organizations that increase both job preparedness and community engagement.

Pallas Advanced –  Pallas Advanced Learning Systems provides learner-centered edtech products and services to teach knowledge and skills in STEM areas using intelligent, virtual-reality systems.

Startup Apprentice – Startup Apprentice is an eight-week, after-school program that teaches high school students the Lean Startup business approach. The program helps bridge the gap between book smarts and street smarts and allows students to launch a new business or social enterprise.

vClass – vClass is a hybrid, real-time educational platform that allows online tutoring in all disciplines, particularly math and science, by capturing natural handwriting from any surface and connecting to a PC or laptop wirelessly.

WeTeachMe – WeTeachMe is a platform designed to list, discover and book in-person courses. It offers course providers with a robust ticketing, administrative and marketing platform and provides learners with an eye-catching portfolio of classes, workshops and other educational events.


Retrocap – Retrocap is a platform that enables property owners to conduct energy-efficiency retrofits. Retrocap provides an indication of return on investment, the financial return for your retrofit and connects you to the technicians and supplies needed to conduct your retrofit.

WattBlock –  Wattblock gives owners corporations and body corporates an energy saving roadmap by using details about your block to make calculations about your common area energy consumption.  After entering your details, Wattblock does the analysis for you, providing a simple report to assist you in driving down your strata levies.


BehavioMatrix – BehavioMatrix provides solutions to clinicians and hospitals to assist in making faster, more accurate diagnoses for mental health and neuropsychological disorders, such as depression.

Breathe Well – Breathe Well is a medical device that manages unstable patient breathing during medical imaging and cancer radiation therapy, helping to prevent tumor motion and increased radiation damage to healthy tissue.

KetoCloud – KetoCloud designed a system to support meal planning based on the Ketogenic Diet, using mobile apps and cloud technology to connect patients undergoing the diet with their prescribing dietitians and physicians.

MDXD – MDXD developed the MedExercise tele-care system for exercise rehabilitation and training. The system includes portable training units for personal use, wireless sensors, mobile apps, cloud-based monitoring software and scientifically designed training protocols.

PAFtec – PAFtec designs and manufactures smart, compact and comfortable certified personal respirators with the protection of a powered respirator and the wearability and convenience of a dust mask.

ResQdevices – ResQdevices created the ParaCart, a compact combination of a stretcher and “stair chair,” and the LineSaver, body armour for your IV cannulas for use by paramedics.

Triumph – Trimph is developing injectable Food and Drug Administration-approved biomaterials that will ultimately replace unnecessarily invasive dental and orthopedic surgery, and increase the success rate and recovery time of current treatments.


Enabled Employment – Enabled Employment matches skilled, disabled job candidates with virtual, telework employment opportunities through an online portal. Enabled Employment manages payroll tax, insurances, superannuation and contracts for positions from entry level to senior executive roles.

ParcelVault – ParcelVault enables you to have parcels delivered to your local corner store, and to be notified when these have arrived. This gives you flexibility and convenience, and also supports your local shops.

PodPlants – PodPlants develops “aeroponic” technology, which allows plants to be grown in urban environments and operate on ultra low water and power usage.

Propeller Aero – Cloud tech that will connect companies to the potential of drone technology by working with construction and surveying firms; helping industrial companies planning dangerous inspections; exploring 3D gas mapping with experimental sensing teams and plant science with major agriculture suppliers to help them access a new wave of cheaper, autonomously collected and better quality data.

Snapknock – Snapknock is the first social platform in the consumer-to-consumer market, connecting people locally to help them buy and sell their belongings.