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Meet the Challenge Cup Regional Tokyo Competitors

1776 is heading to Tokyo for the next event in the Regional round of Challenge Cup on Feb. 25, 2016. Meet the East Asian startups disrupting the industries of education, energy, food, health, money, smart cities, and transportation!

Challenge Cup is 1776’s worldwide tournament that brings together startups, mentors, and investors seeking to make measurable, impactful change. With over 50 cities participating, Challenge Cup gives startups from every corner of the world the opportunity to share their vision on a global stage.

The startup winners of each Regional event will fly to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Challenge Cup Global Finals come June 2016. At the Global Finals, competing startups will go head-to-head for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them succeed.

We hope you’ll join us as we partner with JIN to host Challenge Cup Regional Tokyo!


BBDBU (Seoul, South Korea) — BBDBU develops an ebook service platform that transforms file-based ebooks into URL accessible cloud content. With BBDBU, publishers can directly market their books to their readers by spreading content URLs that turn readers into precise page views.

DOT Incorporation (Seoul, South Korea) — DOT is a smart watch that outputs text in braille. The DOT application transmits information to the smart watch via Bluetooth and outputs the information in braille.

Getlinks Inc (Tokyo, Japan) — Getlinks provides a platform that helps millennials in Southeast Asia obtain their dream jobs in the digital industry.

Lang-8, inc. (Tokyo, Japan) — Lang-8 maintains and supports social networks that are designed to accelerate the exchange of experiences and knowledge among language learners from around the world. Lang-8 recently developed HiNative, an iOS and web app that allows users to directly ask questions to native speakers in over 170 different languages.

Pickatale (Beijing, China) — Pickatale is a digital publisher of premium interactive storybooks for children. Pickatale’s books are highly interactive and help children improve their English literacy skills.


COLLOIDAL INK (Tokyo, Japan) — Colloidal Ink is a metal nanoink manufacturer, which can print electroconductive patterns on thin, flexible film substrate.

Makase Robotics (Tokyo, Japan) — Makase Robotics is made up of cross-national students and doctors who are committed to building innovative robots.


Alesca Life (Beijing, China) — Alesca Life designs and builds turnkey farming solutions that enable anyone, anywhere to produce the safest, healthiest, and freshest produce. Alesca Life’s hardware factors allow food production at any scale.

JuiceInnov8 (Bangkok, Thailand) — JuiceInnov8 is a food and biotech startup that aims to solve the biggest problems in the fruit juice industry: sugar and calories. JuiceInnov8 reduces sugar in juice with biotechnology while preserving 100% of juice content.


APSAM (Tokyo, Japan) — APSAM is a medical software development company with the primary focus of detecting cancer and evaluating its severity.

Horsepower (Manila, Philippines) — Horsepower is a FinTech startup company that empowers self-employed freelancers and small to medium-sized enterprises with the following services: bill payments, online government contributions, co-working spaces, healthcare plans, insurance plans, accounting, and more.

Molcure (Tokyo, Japan) — With a deep knowledge of next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and molecular biology, Molcure provides high-speed and high-quality antibody discovery.

NOUL (Seoul, South Korea) — NOUL’s mission is to eliminate infectious diseases by providing tools that diagnose and share disease information from remote areas and settings with limited resources. After developing a Next Generation Mobile Malaria Diagnostic Kit, NOUL plans on providing multi-disease diagnostic platforms based on mobile devices with low prices.


GeiLi Giving (Beijing, China) — GeiLi Giving connects Chinese netizens with grassroots NGOs through a gamified social donation platform on WeChat.

Primo Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) — PRIMO is a patented mobile payment app that grants users the ability to make a purchase from a picture, an advertisement, or a video with one push.

Smart Cities

Aquabit Spirals Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) — Aquabit Spirals develops contract-based smartphone apps and is deeply involved with mobile and RFID industries. Aquabit Spirals has recently created the SmartPlate, a “physical bookmark” that boundlessly connects physical and cyber spaces.

ikkai (Tokyo, Japan) — Ikkai is an online tasks marketplace where anyone can outsource small tasks and jobs to university students.

Kallfly (Manila, Philippines) — Kallfly is an on-demand virtual contact center marketplace that connects businesses with experienced home-based call center agents. With Kallfly, instead of contracting with a traditional call center, businesses can allocate resources through Kallfly’s web site.

Seekster Co., Ltd (Bangkok, Thailand) — Seekster aims to make the searching and hiring process as easy and reliable as possible. Seekter’s goal is to create an online marketplace where users can find trusted service providers that provide reliable, quality results while nurturing Bangkok’s small-business community.


Borderless (Tokyo, Japan) — Borderless is a research and development company that proposes new values to society through the power of design. Borderless’ latest creation is Cross Helmet, which will revolutionize riding experiences.

Pyrenee Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) — Pyrenee is currently developing Pyrenee Drive, a driver-assist device. Pyrenee Drive aims to improve the overall driving experience while helping drivers avoid accidents.

Nyfti Bicycles (Manila, Philippines) — Nyfti Bicycles builds the most comfortable and compact folding bicycles in the market. Nyfti Bicycles eliminate the need to worry about bicycle parking, theft, and rain.

SKOOTAR (Bangkok, Thailand) — Skootar amplifies scooter messenger services and facilitates scooter services for small businesses. Skootar’s goal is to connect businesses with local reliable scooter messengers and on-demand, same day delivery services.