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Meet the Challenge Cup Regional Tel Aviv Competitors

The final round of the Challenge Cup Regional round will take place on Wednesday, Mar. 30 in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv. Meet the competitors from across the region disrupting the industries of education, energy, food, health, security, smart cities, and transportation.

Challenge Cup is 1776’s worldwide tournament that brings together startups, mentors, and investors seeking to make measurable, impactful change. With over 50 cities participating, Challenge Cup gives startups the opportunity to share their vision on a global stage.

The five winners of each Regional event will fly to Washington, D.C. in June 2016 to compete in Global Finals, where they’ll will go head-to-head for over $1 million in prizes as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them succeed.

We hope you’ll join us as we collaborate with Deloitte Israel, Israel Air Force Alumni Institute, and SOSA to host Challenge Cup Regional Tel Aviv!


Be-novative (Budapest, Hungary) — Be-novative offers a cloud-based innovation management solution that harnesses the collective intelligence of organizations. With Be-novative, organizations can motivate employees to share, evaluate, and manage high-impact ideas through the full cycle of the implementation process.

Early Logic (Warsaw, Poland) — EarlyLogic is a tool that supplements mathematical education by providing a diagnosis and therapy of dyscalculia and other mathematical disorders for young children.

SpringTab (Budapest, Hungary) — SpringTab empowers organizations with the capability to improve metrics by providing strategic data on visitors’ interests.


Ecoisme (Kyiv, Ukraine) — Ecoisme develops an interactive dashboard where homeowners can track energy usage, single out home appliances, check their energy efficiency, and suggest the best ways for conserving energy. Ecosime utilizes unique technology that combines nonintrusive load monitoring and spectrum analysis to provide accurate and reliable data.

EnergoOn (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Energo-On Ltd. develops Uninterrupted Power Supply machines (UPS) for a power range between 20 to 1,000 KW. The UPS machine protects loads from outages or spikes and acts as a bridge between utility power and a standby generator.

EnergyLayer (Kyiv, Ukraine) — EnergyLayer enables users to review the number of watts currently generated by photovoltaic panels while comparing levels with neighbors.

Sowillo (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Sowillo implements systems that preserve the environment by reducing loads on power grids and by using clean solar energy with no pollution.

Tamuz Energy LTD (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Tamuz Energy’s mission is to accelerate the transition of the global industrial sector to sustainable heat. Tamuz Energy is developing a revolutionary low cost distributed solar technology for generating high value heat for industrial processes, steam generation, and heating/cooling applications.

Waepoint (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Waepoint is developing a leading online platform that encourages massive deployment of solar power generation in current and future strategic markets. Waepoint aims to meet energy needs, improve upon sustainable development goals, and combat climate change.


Capitan (Kyiv, Ukraine) — Capitan is the first smart shopping list that learns as it is used while saving time and money.


AbiliSense (Tel Aviv, Israel) — AbiliSense is developing a cross-platform alerts system based on sound recognition technology. AbiliSense’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people with hearing disabilities via technology that transforms sounds into different types of notifications and alerts.

CardioCube (Warsaw, Poland) — CardioCube aims to reduce the number of hospital readmissions in the population of people diagnosed with heart failure by using a structured remote follow-­up.

GEMON (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Gemon combines interactive computer games with physical rehabilitation and fitness equipment. Gemon’s mission is to help people with disabilities worldwide in achieving and maintaining physical and mental health in a fun and engaging way.

Gravilog (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Gravilog has created an app designed for pregnant women, obstetrics, and gynecologists that provides valuable information, advice, and health monitoring services.

HelpAround (Tel Aviv, Israel) — HelpAround’s mission is to alleviate the daily struggles of chronic patients and caregivers. The HelpAround platform allows organizations to match patients with appropriate resources to improve patient access to care.

Pangolin Medical (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Pangolin Medical designs and produces high-end tangible simulators of human anatomies while specializing in the cardio-vascular realm. Pangolin Medical brings together extensive knowledge in human anatomy, medical procedures, and various materials in order to best simulate the human anatomy.


RedCrow Intelligence (Ramallah) — RedCrow Intelligence provides risk mitigation solutions for international organizations and individuals operating in the MENA region.

Smart Cities

ePart (Tel Aviv, Israel) — EPart addresses both ends of the democratic equation — it makes civic engagement easy, simple, and accessible to everyone while enabling parliament members to be effectively exposed to public opinion. EPart radically changes the way in which citizens can influence and keep politicians accountable. (Warsaw, Poland) — is an online platform where users are granted access to tailored fashion that is delivered monthly to their doorsteps.


Route4u (Budapest, Hungary) — Route4u provides strategic mapping for public transportation.

sPARK PARKING (Tel Aviv, Israel) — SPARK has developed a technology that enables drivers to locate a convenient parking spot and allows cities to deliver comprehensive parking solutions to their communities. To the consumer, it is a mobile app named Polly, The Parking Fairy, that guarantees to find a parking spot in half of the average time and in less than 10 minutes.