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Meet the Challenge Cup Regional Singapore Competitors

1776 is heading to Singapore for the next event in the Regional round of Challenge Cup on Mar. 9, 2016. Meet the Australian, Indian, and southeast Asian startups disrupting the industries of education, energy, food, health, money, and security!

Challenge Cup is 1776’s worldwide tournament that brings together startups, mentors, and investors seeking to make measurable, impactful change. With over 50 cities participating, Challenge Cup gives startups from every corner of the world the opportunity to share their vision on a global stage.

The startup winners of each Regional event will fly to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Challenge Cup Global Finals come June 2016. At the Global Finals, competing startups will go head-to-head for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them succeed.

We hope you’ll join us as we partner with Infocomm Investments to host Challenge Cup Regional Singapore!


Kitki (Mumbai, India) — Kitki promotes learning through interactive and innovative games that are both challenging and fun. Kitki’s games range across a variety of subjects, from geometry, to chemistry, and history.

MyPeegu (Bangalore, India) — MyPeegu combines psychology and technology by mapping the behaviors of students.

Snapask (Holdings) Ptd Ltd (Singapore / Hong Kong) — Snapask is changing the landscape of education by equipping every student with the tool for self-directed learning. Snapask now boasts over 50 thousand students in four countries – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and China.

Sonder (Sydney, Australia) — Sonder creates revolutionary keyboards that empower users with the flexibility to boost productivity. Sonder’s dynamic E-ink keyboard adapts intuitively to each individual, displaying application-specific shortcuts on the keys, in addition to any language or custom icons.


Thinqbot (Bangalore, India) — Thinqbot provides smart homes with a cloud based subscription service. Thniqbot also stores data, which is used to automate key workflows of the house and build intelligence around it.


Eragano (Jakarta, Indonesia) — Eragano is developing mobile applications for smallholder farmers. Eragano helps farmers manage their farm and be more profitable by providing automated artificial intelligence farm schedules, farm supply e-commerce, crop insurance, and micro finance.


BCAL Diagnostics (Sydney, Australia) — BCAL Diagnostics aims to shift the paradigm in breast cancer screening and diagnosis by introducing a blood test for detection of the disease. The implication of such a technology could revolutionise the way we detect and manage breast cancer by allowing a blood sample to be taken remote from the site of analysis.

Nano-X Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia) — Nano-X is a new radiotherapy machine with disruptive market advantages. By moving the complexity of a radiotherapy system from hardware to software, Nano-X is less expensive to produce, less expensive to site, requires fewer staff to operate, and can deliver a more complete therapy to patients.

Stash PH PTE LTD (Singapore, Singapore) — Stash is a SaaS healthcare platform that connects doctors and private health insurance companies by making their claims management more efficient with higher data veracity.


Infoligent (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) — Infoligent is a social enterprise that aims to create alternative finance by peer-to-peer funding, microfunding, and crowdfunding. Infoligent also promotes beneficial connections via personal and professional profiling to establish a social collaborative economy in Malaysia.

InvoiceInterchange (Singapore, Singapore) — InvoiceInterchange is a peer-to-peer invoice trading marketplace that allows SMEs to auction their outstanding invoices, otherwise tied up for 90 to 120 days, to investors for immediate cash. InvoiceInterchange exists to provide SMEs a new and innovative alternative to traditional financing, giving businesses control and flexibility to manage their cash flow on their own terms.

KyePot (Singapore, Singapore) — KyePot is the world’s first mobile base group savings and lending platform for financial inclusion. KyePot digitalizes group saving concepts by using highly sophisticated data driven algorithms based on social group formation.

Maax Market (New Delhi, India) — MaaxMarket helps businesses to send personalized, automatic, and customized messages through email and social media based on customers’ online behavior. MaaxMarket tracks the online behavior of customers, which allows MaaxMarket to segment customers and thus send a highly targeted message automatically based on their interest.

My Poolin (New Delhi, India) — MyPoolin brings together content from relevant apps of users in one place centered around a particular use case. Once established, MyPoolin enables seamless payments while adding social layer making the app sticky and fun.

ShereIt (Mumbai, India) — ShereIt is a social network that means business. ShereIt promotes brokerage business by leveraging the benefits of a social trading network.

Toast (Singapore, Singapore) — Toast is a money transfer and bill payment application for unbanked and banked migrant workers on Web and Android. Toast makes it easy to deposit and send funds back to the Philippines from Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK.

Truelancer (New Delhi, India) — Truelancer is an online platform where potential employers can hire skilled and talented freelancers from across the world. Truelancer’s goal is to foster a global community of trusted freelancers that helps employers and freelancers collaborate on projects and build connections.

VENDi (Singapore, Singapore) — VENDi helps vending operators increase sales by enabling their machines with cashless payments and customer engagement through mobile application.


Apvera (Singapore, Singapore) – Apvera provides companies the ability to reduce the threat of malicious employee activity by identifying anomalies in user behavior and translating these threats into actionable insider threat intelligence.

SayPay Technologies (Mumbai, India) — SayPay Technologies is a voice biometric payment solution where users can authorize eCommerce purchases, P2P, Bill Pay, etc. by speaking the unique one-time crypto-token generated at run-time into the mobile app.