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Meet the Challenge Cup Regional San Francisco Competitors

challenge cup san francisco tech innovation startups

The second event in the Regional round of Challenge Cup is coming right up and taking place in San Francisco on Feb. 4, 2016. Competitors from the North American west are making waves in the entrenched industries of education, energy, health, food, money, security, smart cities, and transportation.

Challenge Cup is 1776’s worldwide tournament that brings together incubators, startups, and mentors seeking to make impactful and measurable change. With over 50 participating cities, Challenge Cup gives startups from every corner of the world the opportunity to share their vision on the world stage.

Advancing startups participate in three rounds – Local, Regional, and the Global Finals, which will take place in Washington, D.C. this coming June. The select startups who qualify for Challenge Cup Global Finals will compete for over $1 million in cash and prizes and build invaluable connections that will help them flourish.

Start learning about the strong talent coming to Challenge Cup Regional San Francisco, and we hope to see you there!


AZ Vision and Hearing, LLC — AZ Vision and Hearing helps schools conduct their state mandated vision and hearing screenings by offering software that efficiently accumulates and manages data collected during screenings. This Phoenix-based startup is currently developing its app, AVA, which saves schools time and money while increasing accuracy in home to school communication.

edtwist — Edtwist is a dynamic collaboration platform enabling community-supported research so people can grow ideas better together.

Essay Assay, Inc. — Essay Assay is the world’s first virtual writing tutor as it provides automated assessment and measurable feedback with a mechanistic algorithm that assesses papers in the same way a human grader does. The result is an accurate scoring engine, but the real value is that Essay Assay provides substantive assessment of the elements of writing that matter: organization, clarity of argument, etc.

codeSpark — CodeSpark’s mission is to ignite curiosity about computer science and turn programming into play. CodeSpark’s award-winning virtual world, “The Foos,” teaches the ABC’s of computer science through a combination of structured challenges and creative play.

KickUp, Inc. — KickUp is developing a professional development analytics platform that helps K-12 school districts manage, track, and measure the impact of their professional learning initiatives. The platform analyzes disparate sources of information around professional learning — from teacher feedback, to observation, to student assessments — that saves district decision-makers time, allows them to provide more rapid support to teachers, and “connect the dots” between the central office, curriculum department, PD office, and the classroom.

mcSquares — mcSquares encompass a dry-erase system for creative spaces that are especially designed to foster innovation through collaboration. Completely customizable and functional, mcSquares form the perfect tool for organizing space and gathering ideas.

NoteBowl Inc. — NoteBowl simplifies classroom communication by combining the core components of a learning management system with a social interface to give students and faculty an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Its interface can extend beyond courses into campus life to help students succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

PreSchool2Me — Preschool2me connects parents and childcare providers through digital daily reports, photos, and messages via a beautifully designed application. Preschool2me provides peace of mind to parents and gives childcare providers a logistical advantage over the competition.

Strange Loop Games — Strange Loop Games’ goal is to redefine educational video games in the connected age, creating virtual, malleable worlds in which students socially collaborate, experiment, play, and learn, both inside the classroom and out. Games can and should be both entertaining and educational, which is why Strange Loop Games is targeting both markets.

Yellow Scope — Yellow Scope’s goal is to get real science into the hands of girls by producing captivating and challenging science kits. This Portland-based startup aims to build up girls’ confidence while engaging both their scientific and creative minds.

Energy and Sustainability

GenZ Technology — GenZ Technology develops precision spray equipment that provides superior crop coverage while virtually eliminating air and soil pollution. GenZ is set on revolutionizing pesticide spray technology by engineering more efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly spraying equipment.

MovingWorlds — MovingWorlds assists volunteers in finding the best place to hone their skills around the world, on their own or through corporate sponsored programs. To help volunteers make the most out of their service, MovingWorlds also provides training and guidance through the planning process to ensure a high-impact trip.

WellDone Technology — WellDone Technology equipped 50 wells across the country of Tanzania monitoring clean water infrastructure for 10,000 end users. In Q4 of 2015, WellDone Technology completed its first connected device design for an enterprise beta customer, Tule. The actual time and cost benefits combined of the solution surpassed the prediction times 50, proving the potential for substantial improvements in upfront design efficiency and translation to scale.


Agribots, Inc. — Agribots solves the worldwide problems of food security, environmental pollution, and environmental degradation by helping farmers better understand the data in their fields. Through information sharing, farmers — from the smallest fields to the largest farms — can conserve resources, reduce pollution, and help increase farming productivity.

Full Harvest — Full Harvest is solving the food waste problem at the farm level. Its B2B online platform connects large farms with food processors to help aggregate and easily sell discounted surplus and imperfect produce that would otherwise go to waste, bringing farmers additional revenue streams while also lowering healthy food production costs.


CODE Technology — CODE Technology helps physicians, hospitals and group practices collect patient-reported outcome data efficiently, accurately and securely. CODE Technology was specifically designed to alleviate the burden from the provider while creating an easy and personalized experience for the patient.

LeaveLogic — LeaveLogic is the first technology platform that makes leave seamless for employees and employers alike. LeaveLogic will save companies up to 63% per leave by allowing employees to self-service leave choices and navigation. — built a predictive algorithm for activity trackers that identifies past habits, correlated with weather conditions. Its coached strategy and predictive technology is embedded into a mobile game that uses individual and group challenges to deliver accountability and sustainable habit changes.

Prima-Temp, Inc — Prima-Temp has revolutionized continuous temperature sensing with its personal fertility sensor that continuously tracks a woman’s core body temperature and detects the subtle changes that occur before ovulation. Effortless, precise, discrete, and cost effective, Prima-Temp empowers women to take control of their fertility.

pSiFlow Technologies, Inc — pSiFlow has created a screening water quality testing method that is fast, reliable, and inexpensive. Using the pSiFlow phone app, tests are sent to a server where they are evaluated and the results returned to the user and a customizable database for analysis and monitoring by water management agencies.

SmartCare — SmartCare is a universal data collection engine platform targeting the healthcare field, particularly eldercare, but can also serve other fields such as building and staff management.

Stratio — Stratio is bringing a device to consumers everywhere with its proprietary imaging technology that identifies affordable food and materials. Stratio’s first product is LinkSquare, a smartphone-compatible spectrometer, that determines the “spectral signature” of an object, which is like a fingerprint, to provide identifying information about the object. LinkSquare will help consumers avoid counterfeit medications, mislabeled foods, and faux materials.


Chroma — Chroma is the creator of, an open source stock market built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Chroma’s investment crowdfunding application helps registered brokers, dealers and crowdfunding entrepreneurs quickly launch a platform to capitalize on the new JOBS Act Title III rules.

CriskCo — CriskCo helps businesses evaluate their customers’ credit with an online platform that connects to their accounting systems and runs data analytics that identify, alert, and prevent payment delays and credit failures.


BlueCheck — BlueCheck helps get rid of bots and anti-social users by empowering web administrators through user verification API. BlueCheck’s software reduces moderation costs and allows for the easy and secure management of verified users.

vThreat — vThreat platform offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use way for organizations to validate cybersecurity controls. With vThreat app integration, vThreat provides non-malicious adversary simulations.

Whistic — Whistic is a cloud-based tool that enables large organizations to quickly evaluate and manage the security risks associated with their current and potential vendors. Whistic also gives customers the ability to evaluate all of their vendors on a single platform and compare their vendors’ risk profiles against the market.

Smart Cities

GOODdler — GOODdler is an enterprise software fighting extreme poverty by aiming to dramatically improve the distribution of humanitarian and disaster relief aid to cover basic needs of those who have the least.

Neighborland — Neighborland is a platform that empowers civic organizations to collaborate with their stakeholders in an accessible, participatory, and equitable way. We provide real-world design tools and a web-based communication platform.

Noappfee Inc. — Noappfee is a tenant-led generation tool for property management companies. pulls a renter’s background check then screens it against every vacancy in the state; producing a list of every property they are eligible for in minutes.

SimpleCitizen — SimpleCitizen is dedicated to innovating immigration. The company offers an affordable, easy-to-use online platform that streamlines the process of filing immigration and citizenship paperwork.

UtiliSync — UtiliSync is a web app that makes it easy for municipalities and utility companies to view and interact with their utility data in the field on mobile devices. UtiliSync brings you the power of an interactive GIS map in the field and allows you to make updates and edits to your map with ease.


Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC — Advanced Ceramic Fibers produces a unique a-SiC/C fiber with superior performance characteristics, which can be used as a reinforcing material in metals, such as steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and refractory metals. As a result, the finished product has greater physical attributes and the associated cost benefits.

Commuter Cars Corp — Commuter Cars Corp designs and manufactures the only reasonable solution to traffic congestion. The Tango is the only car in the world that can double freeway lane capacity as it is the size of a motorcycle, has the weight and safety of a mid-sized car, is stable like a Porsche, and out-accelerates most supercars.

SafeRide — SafeRide brings mobility to folks with medical needs who lack access, either functional or financial, to products like Uber and Lyft. For end-users, SafeRide simplifies lives, increases treatment adherence, and provides connections to their families and caregivers. For healthcare providers, SafeRide simplifies and streamlines the discharge process.