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Meet the Challenge Cup Regional London Competitors

The next round of the Challenge Cup Regionals takes place on Mar. 17 in the beautiful city of London! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the competing startups from across Western Europe that are innovating in the industries of education, energy, food, health, money, security, and transportation.


ProctorExam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – ProctorExam is a web-based platform that’s changing the game of exam-taking. ProctorExam identifies the test taker behind a computer then creates a highly secure exam environment in order to deliver high-stakes exams.

Slatecube (Lagos, Nigeria) – Slatecube leverages knowledge with skill-acquisition to promote employability and social development. Slatecube helps job seekers develop industry-relevant skills, gain work experience and land well-paying jobs through upskilling programs and virtual internships.

Soapbox Labs (Dublin, Ireland) – Soapbox Labs provides a smart speech-recognition software to enable assessments of children’s reading and language skills. By analyzing assessment results, Soapbox Labs can personalize mobile app reading and language lessons by adjusting a child’s learning path in real time. 

Supa Academy (London, England) – Supa Academy is an experiential training company, specializing in delivering immersive events and programs to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship in young people – bridging the gap between education and the world of work.


Skytree (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Skytree has developed an innovative new technology that offers a highly effective way to capture CO2 directly from the air. The stored CO2 can then be used in countless everday products and applications.

SunReign (Oxford, England) – SunReign is an easy to use online platform that helps SMEs source, finance and install cleantech equipment to profitably generate captive renewable energy through seven simple steps: assessment, configuration, competitive auction and finance, and execution, optimisation and maintenance. (Berlin, Germany) – allows lawyers and contracting professionals to negotiate complex contracts in real time with a single-click.  By helping organizations safely identify compromises in legal agreements, removes the barriers to creating partnerships based on trust and transparency.


Purefood GmbH (Berlin, Germany) – Purefood GmbH provides delicious, healthy, and sustainable frozen yogurt and works with German NGO Welthungerhilfe to help alleviate global hunger.

Rubies in the Rubble (London, England) – Rubies in the Rubble offers a tasty, practical solution to food waste: relishes made from fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. Rubies in the Rubble is passionate about good food and educating people about the need to value the food supply chain.

Takestock (Berkshire, England) – Takestock addresses the global food surplus problem by building an efficient market place that distributes unwanted stock. Takestock makes it easy for sellers and buyers to connect and trade surplus food.

WeFarm (London, England) – WeFarm is a unique peer-to-peer information sharing service for the world’s small-scale farmers. Farmers can ask questions via SMS, then receive answers from peers and experts around the world in minutes, without leaving their farm.


aparito (London, England) – aparito is a digital health company that provides wearable technology and disease specific apps to monitor patients remotely and in real time, thus reducing the need for frequent hospital visits while providing meaningful data to doctors about patients’ health and well being.

Baby2Body (London, England) – Baby2Body is a digital resource that helps women live happier and healthier throughout their motherhood journey. Baby2Body’s goal is to create a global brand that empowers women with evidence-based guidance, inspiration, products and services.

Contego Sports (Dublin, Ireland) – Contego Sports helps enhance athletes’ performance and maximize their safety by developing a new head protector to dramatically reduce the G-Force impact – a major source of sports-related concussions – transferred to a players head.

MyOwnTeam (London, England) – MyOwnTeam aims to improve the health and happiness of people living with chronic conditions worldwide through mobile phone based solutions. By bringing together expertise in behavioral science and natural language processing, MyOwnTeam can reduce the burden and cost incurred by healthcare systems.

Pedius (Rome, Italy) – Pedius is a communication system that uses speech recognition and synthesis technologies to enable those who are deaf or hard of hearing to make phone calls.

+t (Milan, Italy) – +t offers rechargeable heated insoles to aid those affected by Raynaud’s disease and to increase winter sport athletes’ performance. 


Camptoo (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Camtpoo is a peer-to peer borrowing and lending platform for RVs and caravans. Camptoo offers unique and well-maintained vehicles to campers at fair prices.

KASKO (London, England) – KASKO develops flexible insurance products and cross-selling solutions for digital marketplaces through plugin or API.

Polen (London, England) – Polen is a mobile app that transforms pictures into donations by connecting socially responsible companies with charities. Polen aims to become the next generation of charity fundraising that transforms everyday actions into donation opportunities.

SatoshiPay (Berlin, Germany) – SatoshiPay’s technology is a two-way platform that enables content providers to charge consumers small amounts of money, known as “nanopayments” to gain access to the providers’ media.

Sharewood (Milan, Italy)  – Sharewood is collaborative consumption marketplace that connects people who own outdoor gear to locals and travelers who need it, offering owners an alternative source of income while helping renters save money. Sharewood also acts as a community of outdoor enthusiasts who can share their knowledge and expertise with others.


Skytango (Dublin, Ireland) – Skytango is the world’s first marketplace for drone operators, their clients, and the landowners they fly over to do business in a more secure and profitable way. Built by experts in the film and television industry, Skytango provides aerial content, job tendering services, and revenue sharing between interested parties.

StatusToday (London, England) – StatusToday protects companies against insider threat and data breaches using patent-pending artificial intelligence that understands human behavior.


AppyParking (London, England) – AppyParking’s mission is to dirsupt the U.K. parking industry by providing the world’s first standardized parking data set and search engine. The app enables users to find every available Controlled Parking Zone throughout London, in addition to paid meter bays and off-street car parks. 

SafeDrive (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – SafeDrive is a mobile app that rewards drivers for not texting while driving. Drivers earn points that can be converted in discount vouchers or special offers from partner companies. In doing so, SafeDrive helps lower the risk of car accidents and improves driver and pedestrian security.


Challenge Cup is 1776’s worldwide tournament that brings together startups, mentors, and investors seeking to make measurable, impactful change. With over 50 cities participating, Challenge Cup gives startups from every corner of the world the opportunity to share their vision on a global stage.

The startup winners of each Regional event will fly to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Challenge Cup Global Finals come June 2016, where they’ll will go head-to-head for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them succeed.

We hope you’ll join us as we collaborate with London accelerators, Seedcamp, Second Home, and Interchange to host Challenge Cup Regional London!