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Meet the Challenge Cup Regional Dubai Competitors

After the exhilarating pitch competitions in Mexico City and San Francisco, 1776 is heading to Dubai for the third event in the Regional round of Challenge Cup on Feb. 11, 2016. Meet the Middle Eastern and North African competitors disrupting the industries of education, energy, food, health, money, smart cities, and transportation!

Challenge Cup is 1776’s worldwide tournament that brings together startups, mentors, and investors seeking to make measurable, impactful change. With over 50 cities participating, Challenge Cup gives startups from every corner of the world the opportunity to share their vision on a global stage.

The startup winners of each Regional event will fly to the Challenge Cup Global Finals in June 2016 in Washington, D.C. At the Global Finals, known as the Challenge Festival, the startups will compete for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them succeed.

We hope you’ll join us as we partner with AstroLabs to host Challenge Cup Regional Dubai!


Admissions USA — Admissions USA is an online one-stop shop that helps students find international opportunities to pursue their educational ambitions.

Asafeer Education Technologies FZ LLC — Asafeer aims to improve the lives of children in the Arab world by helping them better understand themselves and the world around them. Currently, Asafeer is building an open digital library of high quality story books that are leveled, illustrated and audible.

Faranesh — Faranesh provides specialized and practical video tutorials in coding, design, and user-interface with the aim of empowering individuals and businesses to improve their skills and ultimately maximize their competitive advantages.

mawdoo3 — aims to be the first Arabic comprehensive encyclopedia and contribute to the development and enrichment of the Internet with an integrated and interrelated learning experience, through providing the easiest ways to survey information with value and reliable references.

Nafham — Nafham is an award-winning online educational platform targeting students in the MENA region. Nafham provides free crowd-sourced educational videos covering the mandated public curriculum while connecting professional teachers with students seeking additional educational support.

Solid-Soft — Solid-Soft provides fully integrated solutions for student information system (SIS) and University Management System (UMS) of higher-education institutes through modern, elegant, and high-quality software based on cloud infrastructure.

Ustad MobileUstad Mobile is a social enterprise that delivers learning content to almost any phone and tracks attendance and results in the most challenging areas for less than $2.50 per class per month.


Positive Energy — Positive Energy is a service providing energy consulting, savings, and monitoring. The Turkish startup provides services to bill users the costs of energy, water, and other natural resources based on consumption, which can result in the conservation of up to 30 percent more energy.

Shams Power — Shams Power aims to establish an independent power producer company that sells solar electricity through lease agreements with the private sector in Pakistan. The project focuses on clients in the commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors.


E4 Technologies — E4 Technologies is a studio with a passion for developing cutting-edge technology to create profitable gadgets for its customers. Its latest product is a Fitbit for cows, COWLAR, which helps farmers improve dairy herd health, optimize operations, and boost milk yields.


AlemHealth — AlemHealth links hospitals in developing countries to a global network of doctors, providing access to affordable, high-quality healthcare services anywhere in the world.

Iris Solutions — Iris Solutions is a specialized provider of immersive technology. Its latest project helps children with developmental disorders by creating a sensory environment.

MosaikxMosaikx consists of a team of engineers and designers behind Hipo, an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and modular/wearable device that stores and organizes thoughts in a fun and easy way.

MUrgency Inc. — MUrgency is using the power of mobile technology and networks to create one seamless global emergency response network that will democratize emergency response. The company mission is to make emergency response available to anyone, anytime, anywhere — with just one tap on a mobile phone.

SDB – Smart Detection Bra — Why don’t women In Saudi Arabia undergo procedures to detect breast cancer early? Women are willing to go through the procedure but don’t have the access. SDB aims to address the health gap.

Shezlong — Shezlong is an affordable and anonymous online psychotherapy platform in the MENA region that facilitates private communication between therapists and patients. Shezlong runs completely online, which allows patients to access its therapists from anywhere and at any time while maintaining a high-quality experience.

TrequantTrequant improves the living quality of patients suffering from Essential Tremor through its inconspicuous device, which is cleverly designed in the form of a conventional wrist-watch. Paired with its application, Trequant tracks and analyses tremor patterns, which are saved on the cloud to allow patients to easily share the collected data with doctors and family members.

VOUND — VOUND is a startup that develops technology to combine augmented reality with sound waves. One of the many applications of this combination provides convenient means of communication for people who suffer from both speech and hearing disabilities.


BridgBridg is a mobile payment platform that uses a patented bluetooth connection which enables smartphone transactions regardless of connectivity.

Entej — Entej solves chronic problems of managing SMEs/SOHOs lacking key elements of success through networking, researching the marketplace, providing a distribution network, enhancing the supply chain, presenting global opportunities, and offering business incubation.

Smart Cities

Evreka — Evreka is making waste collection smart through its use of wireless sensors, which can measure how full a garbage bin is and instantaneously send the information to the cloud using M2M technology. Evreka the processes and organizes the information collected to increase the efficiency of daily collection routes.

MagPos — MagPos is an innovative point of sale system with automated software and hardware that helps restaurants and small businesses work more efficiently. MagPos’ management software is easy to use and remotely accessible across various devices.


Carpool ArabiaCarpool Arabia is an affordable and convenient transportation network. Carpool Arabia’s vision is to build the smartest carpooling solution for urban commuters while reducing the number of cars on the road.

DashRoad — DashRoad is a platform that connects cars with the transportation ecosystem on the cloud in the name of smart transportation. In a nutshell, DashRoad is Fitbit for Cars.

Fallound — Fallound provides cutting-edge voice-command capabilities and combines them with top-of-the-line intelligent features for a totally new social experience.