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Meet the Challenge Cup Global Finals Competitors

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After six months of competitions in over 50 cities, over 500 minutes of pitches, and 205,000 miles traveled by the Challenge Cup team, 1776 is proud to present the finalist startups who will compete in Challenge Cup Global Finals & Festival! Competitors from all over the world are innovating in the entrenched industries of education, energy, food, health, money, security, smart cities, and transportation. Meet them below, and start thinking about who you will be cheering on.

Challenge Cup is 1776’s annual global tournament, in which competing startups advance through three rounds of competition: Local, Regional, and Global Finals. The winners of each Regional event will fly to the Final round in Washington, D.C. in June 2016. Startups will compete for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them scale and succeed.

We hope you’ll join us in Washington, D.C. for Challenge Cup Global Finals & Festival!


DOT Incorporation (Seoul, South Korea) — DOT is a smart watch that outputs text in braille. The DOT application transmits information to the smart watch via Bluetooth and outputs the information in braille.

FletchApp (Chicago, Illinois) — Fletch is a college retention solution in the form of native iPhone and Android applications with web support. With just three taps on a smartphone, Fletch fosters social inclusion and academic support by empowering students to invite any classmate to a study group.

GoMobile (Casablanca, Morocco) — GoMobile’s team uses existing technologies to create innovative products that allow unconnected communities to enjoy the benefits of new technologies.

MakerBloks (Montreal, Canada) — MakerBloks are reactive color-coded building blocks that introduce children to electronics through storytelling. MakerBloks is complemented by digital activity books that make the learning experience even more immersive.

Moringa School Limited (Nairobi, Kenya) — Moringa School transforms proactive students who are passionate about technology into top mobile and web developers by providing a curated curriculum and expert teachers.

MyPeegu (Bangalore, India) — MyPeegu combines psychology and technology by mapping the behaviors of students.

Neuro+ (Durham, North Carolina) — Neuro+ makes brain-controlled video games to help kids with ADHD improve their abilities to focus and pay attention. Users wear electroencephalogram headsets that measures brain activity and motion while a video game trains them to focus and keep still.

Pickatale (Beijing, China) — Pickatale is a digital publisher of premium interactive storybooks for children. Pickatale’s books are highly interactive and help children improve their English literacy skills.

Energy and Sustainability

GenZ Technology (Boise, Idaho) — GenZ Technology develops precision spray equipment that provides superior crop coverage while virtually eliminating air and soil pollution. GenZ is set on revolutionizing pesticide spray technology by engineering more efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly spraying equipment.

qAIRa (Lima, Peru) — QAIRa develops and implements drones to measure the quality of the air we breathe to help monitor, analyze, and prevent environmental contamination from major industries. QAIRa’s technology aims to protect people’s health by keeping the level of contaminant emissions under the limits proposed by regulation agencies.


Agruppa (formerly SokoText) (Bogotá, Colombia) — Agruppa leverages mobile phone technology to empower small food vendors in low income neighborhoods by providing them with fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices.

E4 Technologies (Islamabad, Pakistan) — E4 Technologies is a studio with a passion for developing cutting-edge technology to create profitable gadgets for its customers. Its latest product is a Fitbit for cows, COWLAR, which helps farmers improve dairy herd health, optimize operations, and boost milk yields.


1DOC3 (Bogotá, Colombia) — 1DOC3 is an online platform that provides Spanish-speaking populations all over the world access to quality health information from physicians 24 hours a day and uses that verified information to improve the quality of life for all users.

BCAL Diagnostics (Sydney, Australia) — BCAL Diagnostics aims to shift the paradigm in breast cancer screening and diagnosis by introducing a blood test for detection of the disease. The implication of such a technology could revolutionise the way we detect and manage breast cancer by allowing a blood sample to be taken remote from the site of analysis.

Contego Sports (Dublin, Ireland) — Contego Sports helps enhance athletes’ performance and maximize their safety by developing a new head protector to dramatically reduce the G-Force impact – a major source of sports-related concussions – transferred to a players head.

GEMON (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Gemon combines interactive computer games with physical rehabilitation and fitness equipment. Gemon’s mission is to help people with disabilities worldwide in achieving and maintaining physical and mental health in a fun and engaging way.

Hakeeme (Casablanca, Morocco) — Hakeeme is a wearable device that monitors construction workers’ health and provides anonymized reports of working conditions to government agencies. Hakeeme is designed to measure the pulse and body temperature of the wearer with the larger aim of improving the life of manual laborers in the Arab world and beyond.

HelpAround (Tel Aviv, Israel) — HelpAround’s mission is to alleviate the daily struggles of chronic patients and caregivers. The HelpAround platform allows organizations to match patients with appropriate resources to improve patient access to care.

Horsepower (Manila, Philippines) — Horsepower is a FinTech startup company that empowers self-employed freelancers and small to medium-sized enterprises with the following services: bill payments, online government contributions, co-working spaces, healthcare plans, insurance plans, accounting, and more.

Iris Solutions (Ramallah, Palestine) — Iris Solutions is a specialized provider of immersive technology. Its latest project helps children with developmental disorders by creating a sensory environment.

LeaveLogic (Seattle, Washington) — LeaveLogic is the first technology platform that makes leave seamless for employees and employers alike. LeaveLogic will save companies up to 63% per leave by allowing employees to self-service leave choices and navigation.

Molcure (Tokyo, Japan) — With a deep knowledge of next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and molecular biology, Molcure provides high-speed and high-quality antibody discovery.

Mascir (Casablanca, Morocco) — Mascir develops cost-effective molecular diagnostic kits for the detection and quantification of several predominant diseases in Morocco, such as cancer and viral infections.

MUrgency Inc. (Dubai, UAE) — MUrgency is using the power of mobile technology and networks to create one seamless global emergency response network that will democratize emergency response. The company mission is to make emergency response available to anyone, anytime, anywhere — with just one tap on a mobile phone.

Nano-X Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia) — Nano-X is a new radiotherapy machine with disruptive market advantages. By moving the complexity of a radiotherapy system from hardware to software, Nano-X is less expensive to produce, less expensive to site, requires fewer staff to operate, and can deliver a more complete therapy to patients.

Pedius (Rome, Italy) — Pedius is a communication system that uses speech recognition and synthesis technologies to enable those who are deaf or hard of hearing to make phone calls.

PlaqueChecker (London, United Kingdom) — PlaqueChecker is a mobile app that makes it possible for you to beautify your smile right from home.

Prima-Temp, Inc (Boulder, Colorado) — Prima-Temp has revolutionized continuous temperature sensing with its personal fertility sensor that continuously tracks a woman’s core body temperature and detects the subtle changes that occur before ovulation. Effortless, precise, discrete, and cost effective, Prima-Temp empowers women to take control of their fertility.

SDB – Smart Detection Bra (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) — Why don’t women in Saudi Arabia undergo procedures to detect breast cancer early? Women are willing to go through the procedure but don’t have the access. SDB aims to address the health gap.


Fri (Guatemala City, Guatemala) — Fri is a mobile money transfer service that promotes financial inclusion by allowing users to make payments, save, and budget their money.

Propel (New York, New York) — Propel envisions a more user-friendly government. Propel’s mission is to help families put food on the table by using mobile software to improve the experience of accessing and participating in the federal SNAP program, formerly known as food stamps.

SatoshiPay (Berlin, Germany) — SatoshiPay’s technology is a two-way platform that enables content providers to charge consumers small amounts of money, known as “nanopayments” to gain access to the providers’ media.

Toast (Singapore, Singapore) — Toast is a money transfer and bill payment application for unbanked and banked migrant workers on Web and Android. Toast makes it easy to deposit and send funds back to the Philippines from Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK.

Zeepay (Accra, Ghana) — Zeepay is a mobile money payment app with value added services. Zeepay enables users with mobile money wallets to pay for goods and services using their mobile money wallets at retail point of sale.


Convexum (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Convexum is a pioneering cyber company for physical security problems, focusing on commercial drones. The company tackles the problem of uncontrolled or malicious use of commercial drones near or over secured perimeters and protects these areas from various threats such as espionage, airborne chaos and public disorder, smuggling, and airwave rights violations.

OffLa (Tel Aviv, Israel) — The patent pending OffLA Approved risk-based security system offers frictionless customer experience for 92 percent of the mobile wallet transactions and dramatically reduces fraud costs.

SayPay Technologies (Mumbai, India) — SayPay Technologies is a voice biometric payment solution where users can authorize eCommerce purchases, P2P, Bill Pay, etc. by speaking the unique one-time crypto-token generated at run-time into the mobile app.

Skytango (Dublin, Ireland) – Skytango is the world’s first marketplace for drone operators, their clients, and the landowners they fly over to do business in a more secure and profitable way. Built by experts in the film and television industry, Skytango provides aerial content, job tendering services, and revenue sharing between interested parties.

vThreat (Austin, Texas) — vThreat platform offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use way for organizations to validate cybersecurity controls. With vThreat app integration, vThreat provides non-malicious adversary simulations.

Smart Cities

Evreka (Ankara, Turkey) — Evreka is making waste collection smart through its use of wireless sensors, which can measure how full a garbage bin is and instantaneously send the information to the cloud using M2M technology. Evreka the processes and organizes the information collected to increase the efficiency of daily collection routes.

Noappfee Inc. (Portland, Oregon) — Noappfee is a tenant-led generation tool for property management companies. pulls a renter’s background check then screens it against every vacancy in the state; producing a list of every property they are eligible for in minutes.


Dash (New York, New York) — Dash’s mission is to use technology to make driving smarter, safer, greener, and more affordable. Dash is building technologies to create the ‘automotive graph’ – the leading open connected car platform that harnesses data exhaust from vehicles in the consumer and enterprise transportation space.

Route4u (Budapest, Hungary) — Route4U is a navigation platform for wheelchair users.

Shippify (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) — Shippify is the operating system for on-demand logistics. As an application programming interface and channel to connect the internet with an efficient community of validated shippers, Shippify wants to be the fastest-growing company in on-demand logistics in Latin American and also become the PayPal for delivery in any e-commerce market.

SKOOTAR (Bangkok, Thailand) — Skootar amplifies scooter messenger services and facilitates scooter services for small businesses. Skootar’s goal is to connect businesses with local reliable scooter messengers and on-demand, same day delivery services.