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Meet the 2018 Challenge Cup Finalists

Meet the 20 startup finalists who will be pitching for the grand prize at Challenge Cup Global Finals in March!

Challenge Cup Global Finals is the culmination of this year’s 75-city Challenge Cup pitch competition! We’re excited to welcome with our presenting partner, Revolution, the following companies who have advanced through multiple judging rounds to travel to compete on stage at Washington, D.C.’s newest venue, The Anthem.

You won’t want to miss this chance to experience new technologies, diverse ideas and innovative business models from around the world packed into one exciting evening. Reserve your seat today.

Adrich — Pittsburgh, PA — Adrich collects and transmits product usage data autonomously through connected smart product labels, so consumer brands and retailers can better understand and serve their consumers.

Airside Mobile, Inc.— Washington, DC – Airside’s free Mobile Passport app helps travelers breeze through US Customs & passport control. Over 3 million people have used Mobile Passport at 25 leading airports and seaports!

Babierge — Albuquerque, NM — Babierge (baby + concierge) is the leading baby gear rental marketplace now in 125 US and Canadian locations. We help families “Pack Light, Travel Far” by delivering and setting-up clean quality baby gear such as cribs, high chairs, toys and car seats, to their hotel, vacation rental, or grandparent’s home.

Boogaloo Beds — Denver, CO — 80% of kids with Autism have daily sleep issues and over 50% have severe safety concerns, often due to their sensory processing. Boogaloo Beds are smart beds that allow a person to control their sensory environments to improve their sleep and safety.

Caribu — Miami, FL — Caribu is an award-winning live-streaming communications and collaboration platform whose first focus is helping parents, extended family, and mentors read and draw with children when they’re not in the same location. We are “FaceTime meets Kindle”, for kids.

Cloudrino IO — Jaipur, India — Cloudrino IO is a distributed computing platform built on blockchain.

CommuScore — Johannesburg, South Africa — CommuScore provides an alternative credit scoring solution for individuals and small businesses that are unbanked and financially excluded because they do not have a credit identity.

EasyInsurance — Pakistan — EasyInsurance is Pakistan’s first online insurance aggregator aiming to educate the masses regarding insurance, and digitize & simplify the insurance acquisition process.

Empath Inc. — Tokyo, Japan — Empath develops Emotion AI Empath, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of the language.

Globish Academia Co., LTD — Bangkok, Thailand — Globish is a technology-based english school for equal access to learning.

Hargol FoodTech — Tel Aviv, Israel — Hargol is the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm and distributor.

Knack — Tampa, FL — Knack is a platform for college students to book/list 1-on-1 and group tutoring services. It is a local marketplace for peer-to-peer college tutoring.

Madorra — Portland OR — Madorra is a women’s health company changing the paradigm for treating vaginal dryness.

MU Ltd. — Osaka, Japan — MU Ltd has developed the “MiniMermaid”, self-propelled capsule endoscopy using a fin, to examine the total G.I. tract at once. It releases doctors from the “older and limited” diagnosis method and patients from painful and expensive examinations and fear in finding their cancer too late.

myHappymind — Manchester, UK — myHappymind creates an innovative curriculum for parents, schools and nurseries teaching proactive and preventative mental health habits. Delivered via a technology platform and supported by an app, myHappymind’s sole purpose is to give today’s children the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Novulis — Quito, Ecuador — Novulis is mobilizing access to preventative dental care through on-site mobile and stationary clinics. It’s mission is to bridge the gap of access to preventative healthcare services in Latin America to improve society, diminish poverty, and improve health outcomes.

ProvenMed International — Tunis, Tunisia — ProvenMed Technologies is a medical device company focused on the field of urine incontinence. Its flagship product, ActivGo, has been designed to offer a comfortable and cost effective urine incontinence management device revolutionizing the current market.

RH Medical Design Company — Salt Lake City, UT — RH Medical Design Co. is the creator of Alivio. Alivio is a female urinary aid designed to reduce pain associated with urination.

Riby FLT — Lagos, Nigeria — Riby is an Open Banking Platform for African SMEs. They automate trade & savings groups called “cooperatives” across Africa and partner with banks & payment service providers to make access to finance and prudent finance management easier for their 920,000+ users.

WakeCap Technologies — Dubai, UAE — WakeCap is an enterprise solution to improve construction safety & productivity through technology. They help construction companies quantify labor productivity, automate workforce logistics, and improve safety measures.

Grab your ticket to see these companies pitch for a $100,000 investment from Revolution, the D.C.-based venture capital firm on March 22. Admission includes opening cocktail reception, the pitch competition and closing party. TICKETS