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How 1776 member Goodworld and Mastercard are working together to bring some good to social media


Between a seemingly never-ending onslaught of news and the proliferation of bots and trolls, it feels like there’s not much good happening on social media these days. But one member and portfolio company of The 1776 Seed Fund is working to change that — and through a new partnership with Mastercard, they’ll have even more opportunities to become a global force for good.

With a simple hashtag, social media users across the U.S. can donate money to organizations like the American Heart Association, UNICEF, and Petfinder — and the team at our D.C. member company, Goodworld, are the ones who make it happen. Already one of the top startups in DC, they’re gaining even more ground through this new partnership.

As members of the Mastercard Start Path program, Goodworld will have access to a global network of Mastercard experts, customers, and partners, along with the ability to take their existing technology platforms and scale them on top of Mastercard solutions.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Mastercard and their Start Path program to make charitable giving frictionless, social, and secure,” said Dale Nirvani Pfeifer (pictured), Goodworld’s founder and CEO.

Goodworld’s social media payment platform connects people to thousands of partner charities by enabling them to donate directly from their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. Users link their credit or debit accounts to their social media profiles and can then select organizations to support by using #donate in their posts. Their donation is automatically deducted, and they receive confirmation via social media and email. Charities then receive a direct deposit of the user’s donation.

“1776 has been a big part of our success,” said Pfeifer. “it’s been tremendously valuable not just from our relationships with mentors but also from conversations with other member companies. So many important things have happened because of 1776 — I’ve worked hard to get value out of it instead of being a passive member. I went to every office hour, every class… the value is there for people who want to grab it.”

We’re thrilled for Goodworld, who have been excellent members of our community for several years. And we’re even more thrilled for Mastercard, who will now have the opportunity to work with Goodworld’s excellent team to further their mission of streamlining social media payments and disrupting finance to become a global force for good.

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