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MUrgency: Where are they now?

MUrgency was founded in 2014 with an ambitious goal: create one global emergency response network, using the power of mobile technology. After planning for two years, they officially launched their cloud platform and mobile application in India in February 2016, connecting people facing medical emergencies with the closest ambulance or emergency care provider.

They burst onto the world stage just a few months later, beating 3,000 other startups from around the world to win the third annual 1776 Challenge Cup and take home $50,000.

A year after MUrgency’s Challenge Cup victory, we caught up with Director of Global Responder Enrollment Sweta Mangal to see what MUrgency has been up to and what they have planned for the future.

What did it feel like to win the 2016 Challenge Cup?

We felt on top of the world. The problem we are trying to solve is very challenging and world changing, so we need support and mentorship. Being in Washington for a week and interacting with experts and mentors helped us come a long way in building the MUrgency network in India.


How have you built MUrgency’s network since winning Challenge Cup?

When we presented at the 1776 Challenge Cup, we were only present in one city in India. Now, our network is ready in 12 major cities in India and we have 1,000+ ambulances, 2,500 doctors and nurses, and 250+ emergency rooms. The service is also available online now and we are all set to do a media launch in January 2018.

What are MUrgency’s plans for the next few years?

By December 2018, we aim to be present in the top 50 cities in India. By 2020, based on funding, we will be present in most developing countries.

What do you see as the most significant trends in emergency response right now, and how is innovation changing the global emergency response landscape?

Currently, 90 percent of the world’s population does not have access to reliable emergency response.

“With efforts like MUrgency using the power of networks, this big problem will have a solution.”

There are also small efforts being made in many different parts of the world to solve this problem, including with drones, which present a new opportunity to provide emergency help in minutes.

Check out MUrgency’s efforts to revolutionize emergency response at