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Talent Garden: Supporting Digital Innovators

While investors and companies targeting startups keep their sights on a few major cities, some — like Milan-based coworking space Talent Garden — are working to lift up developing economies.

With 18 campuses globally, Talent Garden focuses on creating that collaborative workspace for startups to share ideas and has helped boost Milan as Italy’s top startup ecosystem. Just a few months ago, Talent Garden raised $13 million in funding.

In June, Talent Garden will host a Challenge Cup competition in Milan again to find some of the most promising startups solving complex challenges in the region. Community Manager Laura Corazzi shared her insider knowledge with 1776 about Milan, Talent Garden and startup ecosystems.

How do you think your startup ecosystem can affect the local economy and industries?

Talent Garden allows talented professionals working in the digital and tech sector to work together in unique coworking spaces around Europe.

Our network of campuses is indeed present in six different countries, thus providing local startups, freelancers and companies an invaluable digital ecosystem where they can grow their ideas and businesses.


Talent Garden not only offers coworking spaces, but also training programmes thanks to TAG Innovation School and various sets of events. All these initiatives are aimed at fostering collaboration among companies as well as the birth of new projects in the digital sector.

What would you be most interested in learning from other startup programs?

As Talent Garden is focused on digital and tech industry, we would be very interested in learning similar successful cases where a defined group of professionals collaborate with each other and start new forms of collaboration.

As we offer different training programmes, education in the digital fields is moreover paramount for us. We are, therefore, eager to learn new formats which allow students and professionals to acquire new skills.

What location does venture capital funding come from the most for your startup ecosystem?

Most of VC funding for our startup ecosystem comes from Italy.


Though most tech VC is currently dominated by San Francisco, Boston and New York, Talent Garden shows how Milan is yet another place in the world where smart investors should be looking for top startups. As it continues to expand, Talent Garden is the perfect place to host Challenge Cup Milan.

Applications for Challenge Cup Milan close Friday, May 19, and startups can apply through the UNION platform here.