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Challenge Cup 2016: Drone Startups You Need to Know

Piya Das

Editorial/Marketing Intern, 1776

Drones are taking over global markets. Drones aren’t new to the military sphere, but today, their uses stretch from environmental protection to movie production.

As drone technology continues to advance rapidly, startups around the world are harnessing the power of these high-tech devices to address real issues.

Challenge Cup Global Finals & Festival features startups using drone technology to shape the future of their respective industries.

Convexum (Tel Aviv, Israel): Convexum is a cyber startup that provides security from the malicious and uncontrolled use of drones near or above private spaces. Its products protect these areas from espionage, airwave rights violations, public disorder, smuggling and other forms of airborne chaos. Convexum’s revolutionary approach is preventing these types of threats from causing damage without the need for warfare of communication jamming tactics.

SkyTango (Dublin, Ireland): By connecting drone operators, their clients and the landowners they fly over, SkyTango has created an unprecedented marketplace for drone usage and related business. The company provides aerial video content, job tendering services and revenue sharing between interested parties.

QAIRa (Lima, Peru): QAIRa develops drones that measure and monitor air quality. Born as a research project from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), the company uses data reports collected from its drones to gain insight into environmental contamination from major industries. The Peru-based startup’s mission to inform and empower citizens to effect environmental change is a leading example of the effective expansion of drone technology into the public sphere.

Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges

As climate change continues as one of the biggest problems of our time, the world needs trailblazing businesses that can stand up to established industries whose operations harm the environment. Armed with information and analysis from drones, startups like QAIRa can help enforce environmental contamination regulations.

Similarly, as the threat of cyber warfare continues, companies like Convexum will be integral to keeping areas secure from outside threats. A global increase in cybersecurity threats has prompted rapid growth in the industry. The cybersecurity market is estimated at $75 billion and expected to reach $170 billion by 2020. Drone technology will be a major component of this shift in online security.

Having smart and effective drone technology in place is a necessary measure to tackle some of the world’s most threatening challenges.

Understanding Drone Technology

Not only are these startups broadening drone use, they’re making sense of drone technology. People fear what they do not understand — especially when it comes to new technology. Startups focused on drones becoming more accessible to the general public create a greater understanding of what drones are capable of, and how they can be integrated into daily life.

SkyTango is changing the public perception of drones with its active blog featuring reviews of drone film festivals and interviews with industry experts. Starting a broad dialogue about drone operations makes the technology more digestible and appealing to those who may be unfamiliar with it.

The Challenge Cup Global Finals and Festival is thrilled to present startups that are innovating the drone industry in bold new ways. Join us as we celebrate these brilliant ideas at the Global Finals and Closing Party tomorrow!

Piya Das

Editorial/Marketing Intern, 1776

Piya is a junior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in French Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. As an intern in the marketing team at 1776, Piya…