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Challenge Cup 2016: 3 Semifinal Winners, 2 Wildcards

After nine months of competitions in over 50 cities, over 500 minutes of pitches and 205,000 miles traveled by the Challenge Cup team, 1776 is proud to present the second half of the semifinal winners and wildcard picks who will all compete in Challenge Cup Global Finals on Friday!

Competitors from all over the world are innovating to solve tough problems, and tonight’s pitches covered education, energy, food, transportation and smart cities. Learn more about these finalists below, and start thinking about who you will be cheering on to win it all.

Challenge Cup is 1776’s annual global tournament, in which competing startups advance through three rounds of competition: Local, Regional and Global Finals. The startups are competing for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes as well as spending time with key investors, customers, media and other connections that can help them further scale and succeed.


3 Winners

MyPeegu (Bangalore, India) — MyPeegu combines psychology and technology by mapping the behaviors of students.

Noappfee Inc. (Portland, Oregon) — Noappfee is a tenant-led generation tool for property management companies. pulls a renter’s background check then screens it against every vacancy in the state; producing a list of every property they are eligible for in minutes.

Shippify (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) — Shippify is the operating system for on-demand logistics. As an application programming interface and channel to connect the internet with an efficient community of validated shippers, Shippify wants to be the fastest-growing company in on-demand logistics in Latin American and also become the PayPal for delivery in any e-commerce market.

2 Wildcards

E4 Technologies (Islamabad, Pakistan) — E4 Technologies is a studio with a passion for developing cutting-edge technology to create profitable gadgets for its customers. Its latest product is a Fitbit for cows, COWLAR, which helps farmers improve dairy herd health, optimize operations, and boost milk yields.

Convexum (Tel Aviv, Israel) — Convexum is a pioneering cyber company for physical security problems, focusing on commercial drones. The company tackles the problem of uncontrolled or malicious use of commercial drones near or over secured perimeters and protects these areas from various threats such as espionage, airborne chaos and public disorder, smuggling, and airwave rights violations.

Now, these companies will compete against the first night’s winners for the grand prizes of a $175,000 cash grant and up to $1 million in investment. We hope you’ll join us in for the Global Finals competition and Closing Party tonight!