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Strayer has built an online MBA specifically for entrepreneurs. They worked with Jon Steinberg, the CEO of Cheddar and the former President/COO of Buzzfeed. Whether you are looking to hone your skills or get a higher education degree, Strayer can help you and your team do that.

Growth and Development

The global job market is constantly changing from the growth of emerging tech and the influx of skilled labor. Over the last few years, you can see this shift in the way higher education is being distributed to students from around the world. According to a Financial Times article, there has been a 54% growth in the number of business schools offering an online MBA between 2012-13 and 2016-17, from 91 to 140, according to accreditation body AACSB International, which collected data from 459 schools and this has continued to grow. These programs can be more affordable, accessible and are oftentimes taught by the same staff as the on-campus programs.

Marketing is one of those fields where advertising and industry trends are constantly changing. If you want to help your company stay relevant and grow sales then you have to stay up to date. I’m a personal believer in constantly continuing my education. I’ve taken classes at General Assembly and over the last few months, I have been working on a Graduate Certificate in Marketing & Branding for Entrepreneurs from Strayer University. I have always wanted to start my own business so the program seemed tailored to what I wanted to do in the future.

When it comes to personal development, you want to focus on taking classes that are going to have an immediate impact on your current job or career. What is unique about this program is that the class is taught utilizing Facebook as a platform. Years ago, many colleges would not have considered using social media to teach their classes. When you think about it, Facebook was built to share content and connect people virtually around a common cause so why haven’t more colleges and universities adopted this method?

What Sets Strayer Apart

There are some unique aspects to the Strayer program. There are mandatory discussion topics called Cheddar Chats and videos from Jon Steinberg the CEO of Cheddar and former President/COO of Buzzfeed. With the classes being focused on entrepreneurs, your classmates consist of founders, business owners, and creatives across various stages of growing their small business. Every so often Jon Steinberg will pop into your Facebook group and comment on what you are discussing in class. 

My first two classes were Marketing Management and Business Communications. Both of these are areas I manage at 1776. My marketing project was creating a comprehensive one-page marketing plan based on what I learned from my discussions with classmates, readings, and videos. While my communications project focused on building my personal brand as a thought leader and creating my first thought leadership piece for LinkedIn.  Both of these projects were focused on real-world outcomes.

Each week I had an assignment focused on a discussion with my classmates, a question about the readings and an open-ended question about how I would apply what I learned to my business. The program is truly accessible. While in the program, I participated in my classes from Cuba, Cozumel, DC and so many other locations all by logging onto my computer. I have taken what I’ve learned from my classes and applied it to how I look at my marketing mix at 1776. I was able to test the waters as I look to pursue an online MBA next year. While it may not be for everyone, I enjoyed my experience. The class was accessible, my teachers hopped on the phone to help me and it was a gateway for me to pursue additional education and the hopes of starting my own business one day. 

Why Online is For You

In today’s world, the typical work professional cannot afford to leave their job and go back to school full-time. Online higher education is becoming more mainstream and can be of the same quality. I believe if institutions want to increase their pool of qualified applicants, they will have to make their programs more accessible. One way to do this is to make more programs available online. If you are looking to go back to school to gain that competitive edge or to gain the knowledge to leap into a new industry, consider online higher education. 

To learn more about Strayer University’s Digital Entrepreneurship MBA with Cheddar visit For our readers, you will receive you’re second class at no tuition after your first purchase! A graduate certificate is just three classes away.