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I recently asked my son Chase what he thinks I do at 1776. In the six years since he was born, I have traveled the world three times over, and I’m always speaking about or working with startups.

Chase’s first few answers were entertaining — from “you hold parties” to “you help people who don’t have jobs.” Apparently, to a six-year-old, entrepreneurs look like they’re not working!

When I explained in kindergarten terms that I travel to cities everywhere to find people with important ideas that can change the world and give money to help them achieve success, his answer was priceless:

“I never knew one person could change the world; that would be awesome.”

But awesome is already happening. Today. Everywhere. Having just wrapped up the Challenge Cup tour that took our team to more than 50 cities from Nairobi to Singapore to Silicon Valley, we met brilliant people in every corner of the planet building startups with game-changing technologies that will improve everyday lives for billions. Hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs shared their ideas with us. In city after city, we found smart companies poised to grow big, have a major impact, create jobs and deliver returns to their investors.

From smartwatches that write braille to a platform that tests a company’s security using white hat hacker methods, Challenge Cup competitors exemplify the type of game-changing ideas 1776 is working to advance. We know that smart entrepreneurs armed with the right partners and funding can create livable and responsive cities around the world; provide lifelong learning so every student is successful in the 21st century; fast-track the food system of the future; and, most important, realize a single, global ecosystem where anyone, anywhere can scale a promising startup. Where the world sees challenge, we see opportunity.

All of the entrepreneurs we met see themselves as part of something bigger: A movement to apply high-growth startups to problems that really matter and a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and policymakers collectively thinking about what our inevitable digital future looks like when today’s major issues meet the best that technology has to offer.

You’ll have the opportunity to see all of this firsthand during the third annual Challenge Cup Global Finals & Festival this June, when thousands of entrepreneurs, influencers and investors from around the world will converge on Washington, D.C. For four days, from June 7-10, they’ll become one global community — helping each other, funding each other, learning from one another and knocking down the barriers that keep important innovation from scaling on the global stage.

From the opening celebration to the crowning of the global winners, this will be one inspiring and impactful week. The competitions and galas will provide invaluable opportunities to connect and share. And in more than 10 industry-specific conferences throughout the week, attendees will collectively tackle the toughest challenges facing our world. Startups will get funded. Deals will get done. Policy will be formed. Lasting friendships will be made.

You won’t want to miss this event. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, corporate leader, policymaker or you’ve ever just uttered the words: “There must be more to the digital revolution than photo-sharing and dating apps,” this is the community and event for you.

Passes are on sale now. Come be a part of the movement that is changing the world!

Donna Harris

Cofounder and Strategic Advisor, 1776

Donna is cofounder of 1776 and Strategic Advisor to the 1776 Board of Directors. Under her leadership 1776 has grown from a theory to a globally recognized brand at the…