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8 Inspiring Reasons to Be in D.C. This May

Brittany Heyd

Managing Director & General Counsel, 1776

Washington, D.C., may be a government town, but there’s also an entire community of innovators and world-changers who are collaborating and working hard to solve today’s biggest challenges. Don’t believe it? Experience it for yourself.

Here are eight reasons why you’ll want to be in Washington, D.C. this May.

1.  You’re looking for new ways to be inspired.

The Challenge Festival and other inspiring events are bringing together people and groups that are mobilizing to make D.C. the center of innovation in important sectors like health, education, development and transportation. In other words: Less gridlock, more action.

2. You want to see what innovators around the world are building.

1776 went to 16 cities around the world, sifted through thousands of startups, and are now hosting a competition of the world’s 64 most promising startups to win the $650,000 in prizes. Meet entrepreneurs from all over the U.S., Africa, China, India, Israel, Russia, Germany, Spain, London, and Brazil.

3. You’ve thought about starting your own company.

Meet entrepreneurs from D.C. and around the world to get the inside scoop of what it’s like to build your own company and be your own boss. (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot of work and dedication!) Strike up a conversation and you’ll see why entrepreneurs are such inspirational people.

4. You want to see why D.C. is becoming an international startup hub.

We are helping to empower and highlight entrepreneurs solving today’s biggest challenges.  Whether you are an entrepreneur yourself or are involved with a foundation, the government, an investor or potential investor, or a corporate executive seeking innovation, there will be an event for you. We’ll have lunchtime conferences focused on driving innovation within each of these industries by working with or learning from startups. Better yet, figure out how you can help continue growing the Washington, D.C. startup ecosystem—or learn from experts here about how to participate in your hometown.

5. You want to expand your network by meeting the connectors and influencers in your industry.

If it’s one thing D.C. does well, it’s capitalizing on who you know.  Come to the galas, panels and other events to make connections that help you make the changes you’d like to see.

6. You enjoy beautiful weather.

May is one of the best times to the see the city—and obviously there are plenty of sights.

7. You won’t be bored.

Day or night, there will be plenty of events for you to attend. Over 100 organizations are coming together for events including the Challenge Festival, Infrastructure Week, FOSE and Smithsonian conferences. You’ll learn how technology and innovation are solving society’s biggest challenges like infrastructure, health and education, and have the opportunity to get inspired by the grand aspirations of today’s top problem solvers. Plus, there will be more than a few parties.

8. You want to check out the best venues in town.

All of the Challenge Festival events will be held at super cool venues around Washington, D.C.—like a gorgeous terrace overlooking the Lincoln Memorial or historical mansions around the city.

9. You love free food and drinks.

Who doesn’t? If you didn’t nod your head in agreement to any of the other reasons above, just come for the free booze. Many of the Challenge Festival events will have free food and drink for you to enjoy.

Want to learn more? Check out the full schedule here or register for your badge now.

1776 is producing the Challenge Festival in partnership with iStrategyLabs. Global Sponsors include: US Chamber, Microsoft, Pearson, Booz Allen Hamilton, Aspen Institute, District of Columbia and American Airlines.

Brittany Heyd

Managing Director & General Counsel, 1776

Brittany Heyd is Managing Director and General Counsel at 1776. As part of 1776's founding team, Brittany has been a critical part of taking the organization from inception of idea…