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4 Winning S.F. Startups Chosen in Final Challenge Cup Regional Event

Dena Levitz Headshot

Dena Levitz

Challenge Cup Reporting Fellow, 1776

The last of 16 Challenge Cup regional events took place this evening, appropriately, in the city synonymous with startups, San Francisco. Altogether 35 companies pitched at RocketSpace, a startup hub in the heart of the city’s downtown area.

Since October, 1776 has been circling the globe in search of promising startups in highly regulated industries. Tonight’s pitch event was the last of the events that will feed into the Challenge Festival in D.C. in May.

The audience was filled with investors, tech enthusiasts and fellow startup founders, while companies taking part presented their ideas in the categories of education, energy, health and transportation & cities. Education and health were the most populated categories of the four.

The pitching followed a day of networking and mentor sessions, mostly by sector. The competition itself broke down into two rounds. During the first-round pitches, founders each had one minute to explain their solutions. During round two the finalists had a total of five minutes apiece to delve further into their ventures followed by three minutes to answer questions from the judges.

The four winning startups are:

Handsfree – Handsfree Learning helps students, teachers & institutions in learn-by-doing disciplines by supporting instruction, practice, assessment & feedback. By applying a range of hardware and software solutions to the process of technical skills acquisition, the Handsfree platform expands possibilities in subjects like dentistry, medicine, culinary arts, fine arts, cosmetology, lab sciences and a range of technical skill areas.

Radiator Labs – Radiator Labs takes old, wasteful buildings and, via a unique patent-pending product offering, improves their heating efficiencies up to LEED standard levels.

Kuveda – For providers offering personalized cancer therapeutics, Kuveda offers a big data analytics web tool that reduces analysis time from weeks to minutes, reduces costs from tens of thousands to less than $1,000 and supports daily updates of molecular science advancements.

EverCharge – More than a quarter of Americans live in multifamily households in the U.S. and do not have the ability to charge an electric vehicle. As EV adoption rates shoot through the roof, a massive opportunity is created for a product that empowers this demographic. EverCharge has created a proprietary device and accompanying service for drivers of electric vehicles who live in apartments and condos and park in common-area garages.

With the San Francisco leg of the competition, the Challenge Cup the event has gone to 11 countries this year and, within the U.S., six cities from coast to coast. In May the winning startups from each city will compete in the Challenge Festival in D.C.

Dena Levitz Headshot

Dena Levitz

Challenge Cup Reporting Fellow, 1776

Dena Levitz is traveling to almost all of the Challenge Cup cities to cover the competition and analyze startup ecosystems around the globe. Dena joins 1776 after finishing the first…