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1776 Podcast: Emerging Entrepreneurship in Latin America

Clare Bennett

Marketing Manager, 1776

Welcome back to the 1776 podcast. Every episode highlights the thinking behind 1776 — whether in the context of edtech investing, regulatory hacking, health innovation, or emerging startup ecosystems around the world. In fact, the latest episode actually takes a trip to Mexico City, Mexico.

During the recent Challenge Cup Regional Mexico City event, 1776’s associate editor Clare Bennett had the opportunity to learn about the latest in Latin American innovation from experts working to lead the growing startup scenes in Lima, Guayaquil, and Mexico City.

Many thanks to the 1776 podcast guests:

Let’s talk innovation in Latin America!

You can also download the episode on 1776’s Soundcloud.

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Clare Bennett

Marketing Manager, 1776

As marketing manager, Clare drives the ideation and implementation for 1776's marketing with a focus on content and communications. Clare works across channels — from the website and email campaigns…