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Meet the Challenge Cup Regional Mexico City Competitors

Latin American startups are really bringing the heat to the Challenge Cup Regionals round, which kicks off in Mexico City on Jan. 14, 2016. Check out the competitors below to see who is disrupting the entrenched industries of education, energy and sustainability, food, health, money, and transportation, and start thinking about who you’re going to back.

As many of you know, Challenge Cup is 1776’s annual global tournament, which partner incubators and startup hubs in over 50 cities worldwide are hosting. Competing startups advance through three rounds of competition — Local, Regional, and Global Finals — and Mexico City will mark the start of the Regional round.

The startup winners of each Regional event will fly to the Challenge Cup Global Finals in June 2016 in Washington, D.C., where they will pitch their innovative ideas on a global stage. At the Global Finals, known as the Challenge Festival, the startups will compete for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes, as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them succeed.

We hope you’ll join us on the adventure to find the best startups from all over the world solving today’s biggest problems!


CityFlag — Cityflag is a mobile app that aims to create a more inclusive and transparent relationship between civil society and local government by using a user-friendly interface based on an incentives and rewards system as well as peer-to-peer network dynamics to foster a participatory culture and civic engagement. The app allows users to interact with local government while earning rewards, strengthening communities, and empowering local businesses.


Cuestionarix — Cuestionarix is a leading e-learning platform that prepares high school students for Ecuador’s standardized admission exam. The platform enhances the test preparation experience through powerful study tools not available through traditional options. Cuestionarix’s premium account includes over 1200 interactive exercises, accompanied by 170-plus explanation videos, over 25 simulators, and six full length practice exams. Cuestionarix users achieve their highest scores with an average grade improvement of 30 percent.

Learny Games — Learny is an education platform based on video games that monitors the students’ learning performance by gathering data during play. The content covers the four main courses — math, Spanish, geography, and history — and allows students to review and build upon materials learned in class. Learny generates real-time diagnoses, which shows the students’ strengths, deficiencies, cognitive velocity, and a potential vocation profile.

Energy & Sustainability

Barretec — Barretec is an eco-friendly bicycle sweeper that picks up trash, perfect for cleaning big open spaces such as parks, schools, hospitals, government facilities, factories, shopping malls, or streets. The individual riding the bicycle propels the innovative mechanical system, which is nineteen times faster than the average cleaning staff.

Dr. Calderon Asistencia Técnica Agrícola Ltda — Dr. Calderon Laboratories is a leader in the provision of physicochemical and microbiological analysis and technical assistance to the agricultural and environmental sectors in Colombia. Currently, Dr. Calderon Laboratories extends its coverage to the hydrocarbons sector through laboratory analysis of crude and refined oil.

Greentech Innovations — Greentech Innovations creates new technologies to reduce the environmental impacts of internal combustion engines while reducing operational costs. By helping mining and transportation companies as well as car users to lower those operational costs (fuel consumption, maintenance, spare parts, etc.) and meet the standards for exhaust emissions for heavy machinery in underground operations, Greentech Innovations allows its customers to save up to $0.5 million per year.

qAIRa — QAIRa develops and implements drones to measure the quality of the air we breathe to help monitor, analyze, and prevent environmental contamination from major industries. QAIRa’s technology aims to protect people’s health by keeping the level of contaminant emissions under the limits proposed by regulation agencies.


Agruppa (formerly SokoText) — Agruppa leverages mobile phone technology to empower small food vendors in low income neighborhoods by providing them with fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices.


1DOC3 — 1DOC3 is an online platform that provides Spanish-speaking populations all over the world access to quality health information from physicians 24 hours a day and uses that verified information to improve the quality of life for all users.

AnnuitWalk — Through many interviews, AnnuitWalk discovered that blind people feel uncomfortable walking with canes, running the risk of accidentally hitting someone, or even getting hurt. So, AnnuitWalk created the PAW Project: Smart glasses for the visually impaired with a focus on obstacle detection. The main idea is to promote the social inclusion of the blind and to provide them more comfortable and safe mobility.

Blooders — Blooders saves lives by making the blood donation process easier. Blooders connects people who need blood urgently with blood donors and centers through its digital platform, which offers solutions to all players in the blood donation ecosystem.

Plataforma Saúde — Plataforma Saúde is a social impact business that uses mobile technologies to provide quality healthcare to underserved communities with limited access to basic healthcare. The main service consists of a set of exams that identify the degree of risk of non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs), which are the largest health problems in Brazil and account for to 72 percent of deaths.

WeDoctors — WeDoctors is a web platform and mobile app that gathers patients and doctors through a video call for medical consultations. After the consultation, the platform enables the sending of e-prescriptions to the nearest drugstores.


Dátil — Small businesses in Latin America have a rough time trying to get access to digital tools to manage their business. Their situation gets worse when local governments and tax authorities require them to comply with complex rules and regulations. Dátil provides small businesses in Latin America with easy-to-use software tools to automate key parts of their operations and comply with government rules, without spending any money on hardware or IT management.

Flor de Mayo — Flor de Mayo is a social enterprise and lifestyle brand that seeks to connect the 7 million Mexican artisans living in poverty with the 10 million millennials in Mexico and the U.S. that have socially conscious and outdoorsy lifestyles.

Fri — Fri is a mobile money transfer service that promotes financial inclusion by allowing users to make payments, save, and budget their money.

Polsie — The Polsie platform provides payment processing, customer support, and shipping logistics to enable anyone to create an online store using Instagram.


SecApp — SecApp is a security network that allows users to create security incidents in a map, comment on them, follow them, and even like them.


Boxtrip — Boxtrip is a platform that connects people who need to move their belongings with highly qualified service providers.

iSend — Many individuals and companies have many inconveniences, frustrations, and high costs regarding the sending or receiving of documents and packages immediately and safely. At the same time, thousands of independent messengers are underutilized and have a hard time finding new clients or optimizing their work. iSend solves the issue by connecting both sides of the problem with technology.

Movpak — Movpak is the first backpack that can carry everything you need for the day and you at the same time. The product unfolds in one movement into an electric vehicle that goes up to 20 miles per hour with a wireless remote. No fumes, no wires, no damage to the environment. Movpak is a portable electric vehicle and the easiest way to commute.

Shippify — Shippify is the operating system for on-demand logistics. As an application programming interface and channel to connect the internet with an efficient community of validated shippers, Shippify wants to be the fastest-growing company in on-demand logistics in Latin American and also become the PayPal for delivery in any e-commerce market.