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Ipsos Improving the Patient Experience

About the Ipsos Improving the Patient Experience

In today’s healthcare system, inefficiencies in provider communications and patient management have led to increased institutional costs and a decline in both patient health and experience outcomes, yet providers and institutions alike are unaware of the innovative technologies that exist to solve for these issues. Furthermore, there are growing statistics that suggest that our nation’s most vulnerable populations, not only account for a majority of healthcare costs, but also see the least healthcare benefits and outcomes.

“Improving the Patient Experience, a 1776 Pitch Competition powered by Ipsos” is a one day application-based event focused on technological advancements in predictive analysis, preventative resources, and treatment management systems that improve communications between healthcare providers and patients.  Implementation of these technologies into the healthcare system will help institutions to reduce costs and improve profitability, and will directly aid in improving health outcomes and enhancing the overall patient experience.

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