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Startup Sprints Session 5 – Size Doesn’t Matter, Financial Clarity Does


About This Event

Jeff Bruno, from YOCFO, will highlight some critical metrics for a service or product or SASS business to watch as they look to hit growth milestones. We will also discuss the importance of contribution margin in determining breakeven and correct capital allocation to accelerate growth. All in the effort to develop a customized performance management framework that can be consistently managed, updated or changed to align with the owner’s “why”, goals or simply with an increase in company value!

This will be in mostly a town hall format, so please come prepared with questions around metrics, issues and other thoughts that impede or support your growth aspirations. Think outside of the box!

Some questions to contemplate:

  • If I invest $50K into marketing what should I expect on revenue, GP and NI return?
  • When do I hire key operations people like a COO, Dir of Ops or Business manager?
  • What is the difference of cost of capital as I grow? Should I give up equity or look to support the growth with debt? Does it matter?
  • How do I calculate my cash conversion cycle and improve that as I continue to grow?
  • Are there any considerations around inventory build or asset accumulation for market penetration? Also strategy for year end in consideration with tax liability.

To gain the most from this series, we strongly encourage you to attend every session. In addition, 1776 will extend the following offers to all attendees:

Attend ANY session:

Receive one FREE month of Network (virtual) Membership with 1776 – which includes:

    • Access to office hours and networking opportunities w/ 1776’s vast network of mentors
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Offer valid through the end of 2021.

Offer will be extended at close of series.

About the Startup Sprints Series

1776 exists to create a world where anyone with the entrepreneurial drive can gain equal access to the resources needed to foster innovation and solve real world problems. Whether you’ve always wondered what it takes to launch a startup, need a refresher course, or simply need to reassess and pivot your business practices, this series is for you!

Our four week Startup Sprints: Back to Basics Series will focus on helping entrepreneurs and individuals interested in learning more about the building blocks needed to launch your business.

Our carefully curated weekly agenda, led by industry professionals sourced from within the vast 1776 mentor pool and our Partner network, will help you gain insight and perspective. While the content is driven by our experts, these sessions are meant to be interactive and encourage discussions. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your specific industry focused needs. Our hope is you will complete this series armed with a professional tool box of tips and knowledge to begin or re-energize your entrepreneurial journey!

The founder and CEO of Your Outsourced CFO, Jeff Bruno, has over twenty years of experience in financial and operating strategy. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from The George Washington University and a Master’s Degree in International Business Administration from the Fox School of Business at Temple University.

He started his career in the retail brokerage world at Prudential Securities before several stints in the start-up or small business space before his current role as CEO.​

Jeff has a great family with a beautiful wife and three amazing kids. While not focusing on growing YOCFO, Jeff loves dinner out with his wife, playing the Axis & Allies board game with his son, and drawing contests with his two younger daughters.

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