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Challenge Cup News

Regionals: Dublin, Ireland


Congratulations to the four startups that won our Dublin Challenge Cup at NDRC on Friday, February 27!

The four winning startups are:

EmpowerTheUser – ETU is a software as a service provider that empowers organizations to build at scale complex branching simulations for training and assessment. ETU works with educational organisations, large international companies, including Fortune 500s, and multinational training vendors. ETU spun out of Trinity College Dublin in 2010.

Exergyn – Exergyn has developed an engine that runs on hot water, which is capable of converting low-grade waste heat to power. It is a patented technology which can be retrofitted for industrial plants.

Nuritas – Nuritas is a young bioinformatics company that is revolutionizing the way we look at food and discover bioactive functional ingredients. By using artificial intelligence to data mine the billions of peptide molecules in everyday foods, the startup’s disruptive computational technology predicts the molecules within that hold therapeutic value.

Coindrum – Coindrum provides an innovative solution in airport terminals allowing passengers to convert unwanted coins into airport retail vouchers before departing into different currency jurisdictions, with the use of its Coindrum machine.


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