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Powerless or Powerful? Using Strengths to Build Vitality

Guest Event

Wellbeing and vitality are not myths, they are real personal assets that you can build by orienting on the positive. Just as neuroscience has proven the human brain’s plasticity, psychology has demonstrated the human psyche’s malleability. A deliberate evolution of traditional psychology, Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the personal strengths that enable individuals, teams, communities, and societies to thrive. Join Keith Gornish at 1776 to learn more about the deep impact of positive psychology in all aspects of your life and how to use it effectively in your day-to-day. The more you understand about your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and decisions, the more empowered you are to live your best life.

Keith, Head of Growth at MachineQ, a Comcast Company, leads this powerful and practical session backed by extensive research and application of these principles. Our time together will be interactive, nerdy, and relevant, providing simple, yet effective tools you can use to own your power. Keith received his MBA and Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.