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Potential Energy DC Workshop: What Does It Mean to Dilute Myself and My Investors?

Guest Event

Do you know what it means to dilute your investors? Do you know that you are diluting your position when you take on investors? Come to this frank discussion on what “dilution” means to your financial positions and what it means to dilute exisitng investors.

In this 3-hour roll-up-the-sleeves working session, PEDC’s Executive Director, David McCarthy will explain the dilution process in understandable langauge using relatable examples. You will walk out of this session with:

  • An understanding of what it means to dilulte equity positions;
  • An analytical framework to calculate impacts of multiple rounds of dilution on you and your team; and,
  • An understanding of your specific situation and how to discuss raising and dilituon with investors

Space in this workshop is extremely limited and participants are expected to take part in the group discussions. We also encourage you to bring your entire management team to get the whole team on board.

We look forward to hosting you and as always please feel free to let others know about this and all of PEDC’s programs.