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Potential Energy DC Workshop: The Hows & Wherefores of Special Purpose Vehicles for Startups & Investors

Guest Event

It’s all fun until…

  1. A) Your team loses the Super Bowl.
  2. B) The parents get home.
  3. C) You actually need to start writing/collecting checks for an angel investment.

PEDC can’t help you with A or B. We’ve got C covered.

In this 3-hour roll-up-the-sleeves working session, PEDC’s Executive Director and multi-time angel investor, David McCarthy will explain why and how you might want to do an angel investment through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in understandable language and presenting relevant case studies. Workshop participants will come away with:

  • An understanding of why both sides of the deal table might want to do an investment via an SPV;
  • A road map on how to set up the SPV at the state, federal and banking levels, including tips and tricks to streamline the setup and maintenance process;
  • If applicable, your SPE set up legally and ready to accept checks; and,
  • An understanding of your specific situation and how to discuss the process with your network.

Space in this workshop is extremely limited and participants are expected to take part in the group discussions.

This may seem a little geeky and esoteric, but you will be glad you attended especially when your investors ask you, “How much should I write the check for?”.

We look forward to hosting you and as always please feel free to let others know about this and all of PEDC’s programs.