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Open Class: Introduction to Sales Funnels


Monday, August 15 — Doors will open at 5:30pm EST, program begins at 6pm EST

Selling is necessary to get your business off the ground. Even if you have a great product, you must have a strong command of how to drive customers through a sales process to maximize your company’s success.

Join 1776 for an introductory open class on sales funnels for founders, marketers and anyone working on sales for their startup. The class will cover crucial sales questions, including:

  • How do I figure out who my target customers are? How do I find them?
  • What is the critical terminology I should know when creating my sales strategy?
  • What is a sales funnel? How do I create one?
  • What tools & resources should I use on to see if my strategy is working? Or where it isn’t working?
  • How do I best use data to make decisions?

Learn from 1776 experts and practitioners who have spent years selling. You’ll meet current 1776 members over refreshments before and after the program.

This first sales session is open to the public and kicks off a 1776 members-only, 8-class series.

Please have your printed or digital ticket readily available when you arrive for faster check-in.


  • Ram Parimi , Vice President, International , Social Tables

    Responsible for growing Social Tables' brand across the globe while better serving over 2,000 international customer users, throughout 55 countries.

  • Brittany Heyd , Managing Director & General Counsel , 1776

    Brittany Heyd is Managing Director and General Counsel at 1776. As part of 1776's founding team, Brittany has been a critical part of taking the organization from inception of idea to initial execution to scaling into the global brand it…

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