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Open Class: Fundraising and Attracting Investors


Are you considering fundraising and wonder if you have enough traction? Have you spoken to investors and heard “we like what you are doing, but come back to us when you have more traction”? In today’s fundraising climate, investors are looking at traction as the key differentiator in their fundraising decisions.

Eric Koester, this event’s keynote speaker, is a serial entrepreneur who has raised venture capital from Kleiner Perkins, Floodgate, Felicis Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, Meg Whitman, Naval Ravikant, Chicago Ventures, Revolution, SV Angel and other funds. He has also been the Managing Director of local venture capital firm NextGen Venture Partners, and is today is a venture partner for the seed fund.

You’ll learn from Eric about what investors are looking for when it comes to traction. And more importantly how to create traction in your startup through smart marketing and sales tactics he calls “Micro-Traction Marketing.” This is a very hands-on course aimed at founders actively in or soon to be considering raising their Angel, Seed or Series A rounds. Learn how to leverage smart growth tactics to build up the right ‘traction’ story to raise investment. You can learn more about Eric at

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