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New America Presents: A Media Mentorship Forum and Workshop

Guest Event

Join us for three brief but jam-packed sessions on why and how to become a media mentor in this overwhelming digital age. Co-hosted with public libraries in and around Chicago, this national forum focuses on key questions about digital equity and learning in the age of Covid, including how to help families and educators trying to navigate the deluge of digital materials; how to help families in choosing apps, games, and books; how to help kids build skills for media literacy; and how to support diversity and inclusion through the curation of digital resources, outreach, and deep listening in communities. The final day is a workshop for librarians and other educators looking to develop innovations and build new outreach efforts into their programming for 2021.

Each session runs from 3 pm to 4:30 pm Central Time on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Confirmed speakers so far include Lisa Guernsey of New America and co-author of Tap, Click, Read; Claudia Haines, author of Becoming a Media Mentor; Nygel White of Hartford Public Library (CT); Michelle Ciulla Lipkin of the National Association for Media Literacy Education; Alexis Lauricella of Erikson Institute’s TEC Center; Shimira Williams of CC Busy; Devorah Heitner of Raising Digital Natives; several leaders from Chicago Public Library; Amber Creger of Schaumburg Township Public Library; and Amy Koester of Skokie Public Library.