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Cherry Hill Mall

Networking breakfast for Cannabis Professionals

Guest Event

1776 transforms markets by curating communities of entrepreneurs and enterprises in flexible work environments. Our members gain access to a dynamic network and focused programming to provide the knowledge and resources necessary to spur innovation and solve complex challenges. With 10 campuses across 5 different states, we are the nation’s largest network of incubators. For more information, please visit and follow @1776 on Twitter and @1776vc on Instagram.

Please join us for the inaugural networking event for professionals in cannabis. We are looking for accountants, attorneys, security companies, banks or anyone in ancillary businesses.

New York Giant football player and Aon Insurance VP Geoff Pope will be the guest speaker.

A continental breakfast and great coffee will be served.

Media Friendly’s goal is to connect business professionals in the region or those thinking of making a leap into the cannabis industry.

Media Friendly Public Relations’ newest division is called “Seriously Fun Media” and handles all media for cannabis and hemp related business. The firm’s president Cheryl Squadrito was inspired to launch the practice area of her sister’s brave fight with cancer.