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What is the GDPR and why should you care?

Mark Zuckerberg is testifying before Congress, MyFitnessPal’s information was recently hacked, and Europe has approved something called GDPR. What does this mean for you?

More importantly, how should this affect you?

General Assembly is partnering with global development firm DevResults to chat about your data, your privacy, and the obligations of organizations who have your data.

  • Should the D.C. government add a tax to Uber in order to pay for WMATA?
  • When a company’s data is hacked or used inappropriately, who is responsible?
  • Should a company be allowed to enforce a 20 page code of conduct? What about 100?

Global lead data science instructor Matt Brems and senior data scientist Ritika Bhasker will tackle these questions and much more.

And we want you to be part of the conversation.

In our inaugural installment of General Assembly’s “And You” series, don’t just listen to the experts. Chat with them. Learn with them. Solve problems with them.

Spend part of your evening tackling some of society’s most immediate problems while networking with peers and engaging with experts.


    Matt Brems ,Lead Data Science Instructor ,General Assembly

    Matt currently leads instruction for GA’s Data Science Immersive in Washington, D.C. and most enjoys bridging the gap between theoretical statistics and real-world insights. Matt is a recovering politico, having worked as a data scientist for a political consulting firm…

    Ritika Bhasker ,Senior Data Scientist ,DevResults

    Ritika Bhasker is a data scientist with a background in global governance and political science. She's a fan of natural language processing and using data to help identify and solve problems affecting citizens worldwide. When she's not coding, Ritika writes…

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