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Health Conference: Life, Death & Everything In Between


The Challenge Festival is presented by 1776 & Philips.

Many thanks to MedStar Health, Presenting Sponsor, and American College of Cardiology, Gold Sponsor, of the Health Day during the Challenge Festival.

Join 1776 and innovators from around the world to discuss how the health industry is on the precipice of finally joining the digital revolution. With broken systems in nearly every country on earth, entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to solve this crucial life or death challenge. Learn through a series of keynotes and panels that include today’s most esteemed thought leaders, industry practitioners, government officials, and entrepreneurs.

9:00 AM – 9:15 AM Opening Remarks 

9:15 AM Clash of Rising Powers: Payers v. Providers

Patients are better informed and have more tools for self-assessment than ever before, while providers are incentivized toward efficiency and lean care costs. What will this mean for the healthcare innovation?

Speakers include:

Eric Wagner, ‎Executive Vice President, Insurance & Diversified Operations, MedStar

Joe Frassica, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Philips Healthcare

Pete Sally, Director, Zaffre Investments

Earl Steinberg, Executive VP of Innovation & Dissemination and Chief Healthcare Solutions, Geisinger Health System

Anish Sebastian, Cofounder, 1EQ

Jess Jacobs, ‎Director of Innovation, Aetna

Moderator: Sarah Kliff, Senior Editor, 

10:15 AM Morning Keynote: Ron Klain, “Ebola Czar”

10:45AM A Healthcare System Divided: What Does Healthcare Innovation Look Like for the 99%?

Startups can connect a Bay Area oncologist with a wealthy Chinese lung cancer patient. They can also leverage medical students’ knowledge to help the rural poor across Kenya. With almost anything possible these days, where should the healthcare industry focus for the most good?

Speakers include:

Damon Davis, Director for the Health Data Initiative, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Toby Hervey, General Manager, Pager

Shantanu Nundy, Human Diagnosis Project

Alicia Wilson, Executive Director, La Clinica del Pueblo

Moderator: Michael Ramlet, Founder, Morning Consult

1:00PM Nirvana or Gattaca? The Future of Personalized Medicine

Have you ever thought, “I wish my new doctor could just search for my records”? Doctors have more information about more diseases (and about their patients) than ever before, creating a huge potential for personalized, efficient care. When should concerns around privacy and personal agency overtake the potential benefits of personalized medicine?

Speakers include:

Subha Madhavan, Director, Biomedical Informatics, Georgetown University

Arthur Allen, eHealth editor, POLITICO

Kavita Patel, Managing Director of Clinical Transformation, Center for Health Policy, The Brookings Institution

Jasvir Zonobi, CEO, Kuveda

Grant Elliott, Founder & CEO, Ostendio

2:00PM Afternoon Fireside Chat

Dr. Jon White, Acting Deputy National Coordinator, Department of Health and Human Services, interviewed by Sol Ross, Chief Operations Officer, 937 Strategies

Dress code: Startup friendly.

On Wednesday, May 13, Challenge Festival’s Health Day will also feature the Challenge Cup Health Semifinals followed by the Health Gala.

Location: Lansburgh Theatre – 450 7th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20005
Cross Streets: E Street NW & 7th Street NW

Parking: Garage Entrance on 8th Street between D and E Streets NW, Cost: $12/day
Metro: Gallery Place/Chinatown (Red Line) at 7th and G Streets, 2 blocks from the Theatre.


Health Expand


  • Eric R. Wagner , Executive Vice President, Insurance & Diversified Operations , MedStar

    Eric R. Wagner is executive vice president of Insurance and Diversified Operations for MedStar Health. In this role, Wagner has executive oversight for many of MedStar Health’s non-hospital businesses, including MedStar Family Choice, MedStar Medicare Choice, MedStar Visiting Nurse Association…

  • Joseph Frassica, MD , Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Patient Care and Clinical Informatics , Philips

    Immediately prior to joining Philips Healthcare as Chief Medical information Officer for Patient Care and Clinical Informatics, Joe served as Chief Medical Officer at Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida; Chief Medical Information Officer and Executive Medical Director of Aero-Medical…

  • Peter Sally , Director , Zaffre Investments

    Pete Sally is a Director at Zaffre Investments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts(BCBSMA), where he is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities, generating deal flow and conducting due diligence & financial valuations. Pete has been…

  • Toby Hervey , General Manager & Founding Member , Pager

    Toby Hervey is the General Manager and a founding team member of Pager — a mobile app and service providing high-quality healthcare on demand through doctor house calls— where he oversees operations, partnerships and marketing strategy. Previously, Toby directed strategy and business development…

  • Damon Davis , Director for the Health Data Initiative, Office of the Chief Technology Officer , U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

    Damon Davis serves as Director for the Health Data Initiative in the office of the Chief Technology Officer in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. He is responsible for leading the Department’s efforts to promote the Health Data…

  • Alicia Wilson , Executive Director , La Clínica del Pueblo

    Alicia Wilson has a long history of working for social justice and equal access. Following her graduation from Swarthmore College with a BA in Religion and Sociology/Anthropology, she immersed herself in the field of social services that was to become…

  • Subha Madhavan , Founding Director , Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics, Georgetown University Medical Center

    Dr. Madhavan is the Founding Director of the Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics (ICBI) at the Georgetown University Medical Center and Associate Professor of Oncology. She is a world-class leader in data science, clinical informatics and health IT who is…

  • Kavita Patel , Managing Director of Clinical Transformation , Brookings

    Kavita Patel is a Fellow and Managing Director of Delivery System Reform and Clinical Transformation at the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform in the Department of Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, one of the nation's premier research and…

  • Jasvir Zonobi , CEO , Kuveda

    Jasvir Zonobi is the CEO of Kuveda, and is a leader with more than a two decade of broad experience in leadership,  information technology, big data, and customer management.  She and her team contributed to the Cancer Genomics Hub project by…

  • Shantanu Nundy , Human Diagnosis Project

    Shantanu Nundy, M.D., works on behalf of the Human Diagnosis Project (or Human Dx). He practices primary care at Mary's Center, a federally qualified health center for low-income and uninsured individuals in Washington D.C., and is a lecturer in health…

  • Anish Sebastian , Cofounder , 1EQ

    Anish Sebastian is the CEO and co-founder of 1eq Inc. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Anish is an advocate of the consumer healthcare revolution serving as the lead organizer of the Quantified Self group in Washington DC. As organizer,…

  • Sol Ross , Chief Operations Officer , 937 Strategies

    Sol Ross is the head of federal affairs for CVS Health.  

  • Earl Steinberg , Executive VP, Innovation & Dissemination , Geisinger Health System

    Earl Steinberg, MD, is Executive VP of Innovation & Dissemination at Geisinger Health System, as well as CEO of xG Health Solutions. Steinberg is a nationally known expert in evaluation and improvement of the quality and efficiency of healthcare. In addition…

  • Grant Elliott , Founder & CEO , Ostendio

    Grant Elliott is the Founder and CEO of Ostendio, Inc. which delivers affordable compliance and risk management solutions to health care companies. Ostendio’s My Virtual Compliance Manager (MyVCM™) is a cloud based compliance & risk management platform that delivers an…