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1776 & AWS Present: Influencer Marketing and Building a Community of Brand Advocates

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About the Event

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Influencer Marketing and Building a Community of Brand Advocates

Millennials and GenZ crave interactions with the brands they love. At the same time, the costs of customer acquisition from digital channels like ads are skyrocketing. While influencer marketing is not new, B2C companies now have the opportunity to use technology to build massive communities of brand advocates. Learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to influencer marketing and how to drive real business results with this channel.

Spots are limited, so please sign up early to secure a spot in this workshop. Those who sign up for the live session will also receive access to the workshop’s recording after the session concludes.

Who should attend:
Founders, Heads of Growth/Acquisition, and Heads of Marketing at B2C startups

Led by Kate Edwards, Head of Industry/Partner Services – Amazon Music, New Projects

About Kate:
Kate is currently a team lead, focused on Creators, for a stealth project under Amazon Music. Kate was previously the co-founder and COO of Heartbeat, a SaaS marketing technology platform with a white glove add-on that connects brands with Millennial and GenZ consumers to create scaled user-generated content. Heartbeat worked with over 300,000 long-tail creators (“nano-influencers”), enabling up to 10,000 influencers to post at once using scaled technology